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Barbara Rush

Reports are out this morning about the death of actress Barbara Rush at the age of 97. Among other things, she starred in the tv series “Peyton Place.”

Rush’s obit brought back memories of a dinner Karen and I attended years ago at Disney studios in Burbank. Our friends Steve Allen and Jayne Meadows, had invited us to attend as their guests. Steve’s agent, prominent Hollywood power broker Warren Cowan, was also at the table, as were DJ Rick Dees and his wife Julie.

At some point during dinner, Cowan asked me if there was anything I could do to assist his daughter, who was trying to break into television news. I told him I’d be happy to talk to her. I don’t recall any contact with Cowan’s daughter, Claudia, after that, but I do see that she is now a correspondent for Fox News. I was also interested to see that her mother was Barbara Rush.

Such a small world. My condolences go out to Claudia Cowan, and the entire family. It turns out she didn’t need my help after all.

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