DJT, New Media, And The Potential Death Of All We Once Held Sacred

Would Donald J. Trump have been able to do anything politically without the 7/24 cable channels and the Internet (Social Media)? There was also the death of the Fairness Doctrine, giving rise to radical talk radio.

Goodbye Paul Harvey, hello Rush Limbaugh.

I recall DJT floating a possible candidacy back in the 80’s or 90’s, and being regarded as a joke. In the 90’s I remember covering the first O.J. trial. All the NY media were there and I remember them telling us about how they had been covering Trump for years and that the guy was a total buffoon. A spoiled rich kid, who was regarded by New Yorkers as a local clown. Look at us now.

Trump, if not completely accepted has at the very least been normalized. Even after leading an attempted coup. To me, this an indicator of just how much the media landscape has changed, mostly for the worse.

Without a professional filter provided by legit journalists, the masses are lambs to the slaughter.

What can be done without walking all over the First Amendment and who out there would have the political will to get it done? With our Democracy at stake, someone should at least be asking the question.

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