The Many Faces Of CNN

CNN, has been many things. When it started out in the early 80’s, it was berated by the established media, who called it “Chicken Noodle News.” However, with time, those at the news channel proved themselves to be able competitors who demanded to be taken seriously. But that was before punditry, before the O.J. Simpson Criminal Trial showed news executives from coast-to-coast that it was possible for a relative handful of pundits covering just one topic to hold a massive audience glued to their screens for hours on end. That, changed things forever.

And now, here we are, in this brave new world of broadcasting with 7/24 “news” channels, delivering daily sermons on what their audience wants to hear, and crazies with podcasts who are permitted to spew hatred to an eager audience of misinformed and disinformed while the FCC, appears to be stumbling about, wondering what it’s supposed to be.

CNN needs to decide whether it wants to be predominantly news or entertainment programming. If those running the channel want their efforts to be considered primarily a news outlet, then they will have to wake up to the fact that the free world is currently nose-to-nose with Vladimir Putin on the Ukrainian border.

Covid, is important, but there are other developments out there that deserve some attention. As for all the coverage they continue giving to Trump and MAGA, perhaps they should consider how much their prior coverage contributed to his winning the presidency and whether it’s more important than what’s happening politically in L.A., New York and overseas.

News, is news. It is Journalism-based and requires an adequate staff of journalists to gather, verify and report out information. Click-bait to get ratings is entirely different. It’s a threat to our democracy. A very real threat that won’t go away so long as that which makes the most money trumps that which best keeps our populace informed with valid information giving them the ability to decide who and what they want to be.

3 thoughts on “The Many Faces Of CNN”

  1. Unfortunately, click-bait is winning. The dumbing down of America has been the new normal for some time. To continue to call lies the truth, and the truth lies is reminiscent of what Adolph and Joseph Goebbels did to mesmerize millions of Germans. Neglecting to take the lessons of history seriously is our downfall. I don’t even want to start on the madness of John Roberts, and the Supreme Kooks co-signing the diabolical tactics employed by the lunatics in the GOP. You don’t have enough space or time for me to dissect their culpability in destroying this nation. CNN is just as culpable by practicing pseudo journalism…

  2. Clickbait has always been there in the headlines that the newsboy called out. It sold papers but it wasn’t so pervasive. So often we return from reading an article to say that the headline didn’t represent the total truth, like, “Well he didn’t QUITE say that we should cook children.”
    An internet friend publishes websites. He says, “I don’t really care if they read the article, I want them to see the ad.”

  3. Olsen is right on the money. We no longer have a real, honest-to-goodness, no-nonsense cable news channel, something this country desperately needs.

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