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The Media’s Latest Political Correctness

Just read a piece from the CBS affiliate in Baltimore about a “squeegee worker.” So “squeegee kids,” are now “squeegee workers.” And so the media turns something most people see as a problem into a legitimate occupation.

Learned recently they are also calling the homeless the “unhoused.” With enough topspin, nothing is as bad as it seems. The term may have originated in L.A. County, where it’s estimated there are currently more than 80,000 “unhoused” persons. Perhaps facing reality and trying to determine how to deal with it is just too painful if everybody understands what’s being said?

I had a feeling we might be in trouble when somebody decided “janitor” was a derogatory term and prostitutes suddenly became “sex workers” back in the 70’s. At least I think it was in the 70’s. Now, in tv news, what we called “one man bands” are referred to as “MMJ’s.” I have no idea what the acronym even means. I suspect it could be “Multi-media Journalist.”

And so our ability to communicate is diminished and the former necessity of sending a photographer out with a reporter if you want the job done right is no longer a problem. Paying one man or woman – an “MMJ” to do what used to be the work of two or even three, is far more “cost effective” for the company, right? In the end, isn’t that what really matters? Making more money for the shareholders?