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The Hype Factory Keeps Crankin’ It Out

I learned via streaming video from Los Angeles that yesterday was “National California Day,” a fact apparently unknown to anyone outside of California, and probably to most inside the state as well. This comes in addition to September 9th being hailed as “California Admission Day,” in celebration of the State’s admission to the Union as the 31st state – something that actually matters but also something, which, I am fairly sure, most of the State’s residents don’t have a clue about.

Will the rest of the states also be given special “days” of recognition? Isn’t Cali already getting enough hype from the entertainment industry? Gotta wonder who dreamed this one up.

The more everything and everybody is proclaimed to be oh so “special,” the less anybody or anything actually is. For California, there is also the down side that the non-stop publicity and image-building have attracted so many people to the State, that its ability to continue delivering anything resembling quality of life is bursting at the seams.