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Good For Joe, He’s Doing The Best That He Can

Good for Joe Biden. He’s in Cornwall, home to Doc Martin, and about to sign a historic document reaffirming the United States ties with Great Britain. Bravo! This is exactly what we need, the free world giving the middle finger to Putin and his global mob of fascist bullies, undoing at least some of the damage done by Donald. Meanwhile though, back at home, there’s this “deadlock” thing going on regarding the president’s push for an infrastructure bill.

Nobody should be surprised that the Republican Party hasn’t changed. Most of them are still petrified of DJT. For its part, the Democratic Party, is floundering around, trying to find a unifying message – or messages – to pull in votes for the mid-terms in 22 and the presidential coming up in 24. This puts Joe Biden in a real bind. If the Dems continue to fail on messaging, they stand to lose the Senate in 22, so Biden, needs to get things done before then. However, anything he accomplishes without Republican support will probably be undone by the Republicans when they re-gain the Senate and the Oval.

After Trump does anyone sill doubt the power of the imperial presidency or the impact of executive orders?

It’s a catch-22 that has us all in its grip, along with the terrifying thought that Joe won’t be up to running for another term, leaving us with Kamala Harris running for president in 24 against whichever two white men the Republicans come up with, who will focus on pulling in a majority of the voters as opposed to attempting to attract every splinter and faction in the country.

The Democrats “big tent” thing is a wonderful ideal to shoot for, but they had better temper their thinking and get their political act together on messaging or we will probably have a Republican voted back into the oval in 24 along with a Republican senate. Won’t that be lovely? The people who staged an all-out assault on the Capitol building, openly calling for lynching the vice president – the same people who have repeatedly rejected the very idea of a democratic government, will be back in charge?

Isn’t keeping neo-feudal fascist-leaning Republican greedheads out of power just a tad more important than satisfying AOC and her fellow left-wing minority extremists? Is it even possible for the Dem’s to find a middle-road approach?

Those on the left deserve to be heard, but going too progressive, too fast, with moves like insisting upon gender-neutral identity through the destruction of traditionally accepted pronouns, or failing to come up with a unifying message on immigration, makes for a losing political equation, a windstorm that will blow the Dem’s big tent to the ground.

Gavin, Andrew and Al

First Franken and now Newsom and Cuomo. What a victory it will be for the Republicans if they can take out both Newsom and Cuomo, two of Party’s brightest shining stars. Both are media-friendly personalities, loved by the camera and critically tied to the Party’s future. At least they were. Sadly, like guppies, the Dems are so adept at devouring their own that it’s difficult to know to what degree and whether any one Dem politician is being targeted or is on a path to self-destruction.

It would be nice to see the Democratic Party to begin supporting its own, even if they’ve made some mistakes, as opposed to deriding and destroying careers. Moving forward with an air of self-assurance and strength rather than cowering in fear over one misstep or another. It’s what the Republicans do, and it’s worked for them.

You can be sure that had Franken been a Republican and not a Democrat, he wouldn’t have been treated like a felon, which is pretty much the position the Democratic Party took, steamrolling him into being the “Flat Stanley” of politics, even though Franken’s alleged “transgressions” took place before he had been elected to the Senate.

For many Dems, it appears forgiveness and second chances have become anathema. One wonders how many potentially great party members and future leaders will be scared off by Democratic purity tests. Is the Party at a point where saints only need apply?

California Carrying The Democrats

California’s Dianne Feinstein 

Watching the pundits and other news oriented shows it becomes apparent that California politicians are carrying much of the weight for the Democratic Party.   There is always, of course, political maneuvering behind the scenes and away from the cameras, but that’s not what shapes public opinion.  It’s what happens out in front of the cameras that causes most people to remember and react, and out there in the limelight, in the heat of the moment, Californians like Ted Lieu, Maxine Waters, Jackie Speier, Barbara Lee, Dianne Feinsten and Adam Schiff, are shining stars.   I’m not including Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer on the list, because for the most part they have been out of sight, apparently playing duck and cover somewhere,  and are nothing close to the firebrands the Dems currently need to lead them out of the patch of tangled weeds they’re in.

Dianne Feinstein, is turning out to be the party’s iron lady, leaving her spot on the Senate Intelligence Committee for only days after a brief absence to have a pacemaker implanted.  This might be unremarkable except that Feinstein is 83.

A few others, like Al Franken of Minnesota, pop up now and then, only to disappear for weeks or months at a time, and that’s not what’s needed right now.   What’s needed are talking heads that are available to go on camera even when it’s inconvenient, like over this current holiday weekend, to continue holding the Trump Administration’s feet to the fires of Russiagate, Trump’s taxes, North Korea, diversionary bombings and all the other unacceptable issues of this erratic presidency.

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are tireless warriors for the left, but  beyond them mostly it’s the Californians who are picking up the slack for a Democratic Party that needs to be making a lot more noise.   The country needs at least two viable parties.  Three or four would be even better.  Unfortunately the idea of a proportional government has not yet caught on in the U.S., leaving millions of Americans left out and feeling alienated from the process.

In the meantime,  California rocks.    If the party can just come up with some way to bring the progressive heat of the California sun together with the more moderate climes of the Middle West and elsewhere – then they’ll really have something.

Might Trump Actually Be Good For America?


Something to clear out the cobwebs for all of those who condemned those relative few who “voted their conscience” in the election.   It’s a quote from George Orwell I bumped into on Facebook.  Here it is-

“A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims…but accomplices.”  

Well, perhaps, but with Trump bringing in his daughter for a meeting with the Japanese Prime Minister and no clear sign that he intends to establish a blind trust for his business interests, I still wish all those conscience voters had backed HRC.   At least I think that’s what I would prefer.

On the other hand,  8 years of Hillary would probably have been another 8 years of gridlock, with the Republicans opposing every piece of progressive legislation presented.

It’s been suggested that perhaps a political bloodletting might do the country some good.   This is figurative, of course, in the sense that it might take several years for all those who voted for Donald Trump to discover that he is not a newly elected king and that he cannot and will not be able to deliver on all his promises of taking America back into the 1950’s, presumably making them angry enough to throw their support to what should be a newly energized Democratic Party, with Bernie Sanders and Liz Warren appointed to leadership positions in the Senate as the New York Times tells us that, “Nonprofits Opposed to Trump’s Ideology See a Surge in Donations.”

Really?   Oh my.

And so it begins, or continues, depending upon your point of view.   Those on the left are in no mood to tippy-toe around being proper, contrite and polite ladies and gentlemen who sit quietly by while those on the right run roughshod across the land,  acting as usurpers and robber barons while the common folk are left wanting. Clearly, it’s time for lefties to stand up to the bully boys of America’s right.   It would appear the dressing down of Mike Pence at the performance of “Hamilton” on Friday was a harbinger of things to come.    A good political battle that forces the Dems to return to their bare knuckles – take it to the streets liberal roots may be just what we need.   It could be exactly where Mr. Trump will take us.
Oh, and the very latest on Mr. Trump’s tweets:   He is now bitching on Twitter that he wants equal time on NBC to refute last night’s comedy bit on Saturday Night Live.  Somebody needs to tell the Donald that his complaining only fans the fires of celebrity for Alec Baldwin and SNL.    It is also vaguely relevant that the Equal Time Rule applies only to political candidates.   Mr. Trump may not understand that SNL  is a comedy show that doesn’t represent a political candidate and that even if they did,  the campaign is over.

Pigs Seen Flying Above Nation’s Capitol


“When pigs fly,” used to be a popular phrase for describing something that would never happen.   Well, it’s happening.  This highly unlikely event is taking place at the nation’s capitol, where a relatively small group of rebellious Democrats have done something progressives have been wanting the President to do for the past seven years.   They have gone over the heads of the do-nothing, stop Obama at all cost,  party of no Republicans, and taken their cause for good government directly to the American people.

It took the slaughter of 49 innocent people in Orlando to get it done, but the Democrats are doing it.   Their method is an old-fashioned “sit-in” straight out of the 1960’s civil rights playbook.   They have occupied the floor of the House of Representatives.

It’s only fitting that this unprecedented political protest should be led by 76 year-old civil rights icon John Lewis of Georgia after the idea was raised by Representative Katherine Clark of Massachusettes, one of many Dems, who, along with much of the country, is obviously weary, frustrated and disgusted with a Republican majority in the House that has repeatedly refused to allow debate on issues of critical importance regardless of the impact their inaction will have on the country.

This is the same Republican Party whose leadership declared early on, that they would block any and all progress in conducting the nation’s business because it would be considered an achievement for the country’s first black president.  That, in and of itself is beneath contempt.    It is possibly racist and bordering on treason.  It had to be stopped, so the Democrats are now going over the heads of the Congress and taking their case directly to the American people.   There was no other way.

This current Republican Party is not the party of Eisenhower and Lincoln.   Ike and “Honest Abe” would reject these people  outright.   They are small, hateful, greedy people, who have repeatedly put their personal interest and the interest of a wealthy few above the best interest of the country.

The Democrats have finally had enough.   They have siezed control of the House to draw attention to what’s going on so that the only group of people who can do anything to correct it, the American people, will rise up in indignation and take their country back from a relatively small group of millionaire, billionaire and corporate greedheads who have used their lobbyists to buy off the system to fill their own pockets while middle-American is wreaked by economic deveastation.

In short, the Republican Party has refused to manage the nation’s business by stonewalling nearly every issue, every bill, every bit of progress that has been put before them in the House and Senate.  And now they are being called on it.   They don’t like it, of course, so they are doing what they always do.    Spewing falshhoods.   Telling lies.   Telling the country that the Democrat’s only real interest is in getting publicity to raise money for their party.   Which is a lie.  This protest was born not out of a need for fund-raising,  but from the obvious need to stop the slaughter on American streets.

House Speaker Paul Ryan loves to complain that the whiny Democrats already brought their bill up in committee where it was voted down, and besides, if they want to bring it up for a vote on the floor, all they need to do is get a majority of the House to support their motion.    The Dems,  Mr. Ryan complains, need to follow proper procedure.  Well fine, but what reporters never seem to understand is that there are more Republicans than Democrats in committees and on the floor, and because the Republicans have no interest in any kind of a compromise, the bills coming from the Dems don’t stand a chance of ever getting to the floor for debate, much less a vote.  And that’s just the way the Republicans and their masters in the gun lobby want it.  Ryan’s argument about the need to follow proper procedure is nothing but a smokescreen covering Republican intransigence as around 30,000 Americans a year continue dying from gun deaths.

Even more to the point of this current gun control fight, The New York Daily News reports that “More than 2,000 suspects on the FBI’s Terrorist Watchlist bought weapons in the U.S. over the past 11 years, according to the federal Government Accountability Office.”   Paul Ryan says the topic needs more study.    One wonders if Mr. Ryan will be selling swampland and snake oil over the Summer break.

In addition, the Republicans,  predictably, are again using the old argument that Democrats are trying to kill the Second Amendment.  This is another fabrication without any basis in fact, since the founders could not have imagined an assault rifle capable of spitting out thirty rounds a second or even multiple bursts fed from a banana clip.  The founders carried flintlocks, capable of maybe two or three rounds a minute.

According to opensecrets.org, the NRA contributed more than $800,000 to federal candidates during the 2014 election cycle.   Nearly all were Republicans.

The Democrats are taking the unprecedented action of staging a sit-in on the floor of the House because it was the only way to get the party of no to allow debate on legislation to prevent those on the terrorist watch-list from buying guns and to expand background checks for firearms purchases.

The Democrats are demanding that the Republicans allow a vote.   That’s all they want, just to be permitted to do what they were elected to do.   To debate an issue and then vote on it.

Following the slaughter of innocents in Orlando, Sandy Hook, San Bernardino and so many other places, the Democrats, are attempting to put the best interests of the American people first regardless of what the NRA lobbyists might want.   They are trying to take a first step in stopping the slaughter on American soil.

Government by sit-in.   What an interesting idea.  Good for John Lewis and his Democrats.   They have finally found a way to stand up to the party of no.   It is a first step in removing the cloud of deceit imposed by the current oligarchy and restoring govenment to the people.   The degree to which it is successful will depend upon the determination of the Democrats and the willingness of millions of Americans to provide support for our elected leaders ability to debate issues and then cast votes on those very same issues.

The founders envisioned a system of checks and balances, where the parties would come to together to reach a compromise, certainly not what we have now,  the best government money can buy, with a group of corporatists and billionaires dictating policy to the Congress.

It’s called representative democracy.   The Republicans and their oligarch-masters have done all they can to kill it.  It’s time for the rest of us to bring it back.

Dems Stage Sit-In On Floor Of The House To Protest Inaction On Gun Control


   Rep. John Lewis – D-GA

In a throwback to the 60’s, nearly 30 House Democrats led by John Lewis of Georgia, are conducting a sit-in on the floor the House of Representatives, to protest a lack of action on gun control, specifically Republicans blocking a vote on “no fly, no buy” legislation and expanded background checks.

The House was supposed to be gaveled in at 1:00 eastern. C-SPAN is reporting that the House will remain in recess until the sit-in ends. Lewis says the sit-in is taking place for something that is “long overdue.” Adding, “We have turned deaf ears to the innocent, to the blood of this nation….where is our leadership? What is the tipping point? Are we blind? Can we see? We were elected to lead. We cannot continue to stick our heads in the sand. Now is the time to get in the way….we will be silent no more.” Congresswoman Janice Hahn of CA tweeted, “We are not in order……we will not be in order until you schedule a vote.” House Minority Whip, Steny Hoyer of MD, is among those taking part in the sit-in.

C-SPAN was carrying video of the sit-in, until the cameras were turned off by the Republican-controlled House.   According to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, spectators are being prevented from entering the House gallery.

Politico, has more.  Click here.