One By One, Our Icons Fall Into Shadow

In a rare and possibly uncalled for departure, I will now post a second piece in the same day.

An old friend and former colleague from Los Angeles, Steve Weakley, just posted a story from the New York Times in Facebook. It’s an obit for Mary Quant, the “Mother of the Miniskirt,” who has died at the age of 93. Mary was British, and her invention of the Miniskirt was a pillar of the “British Invasion” with Twiggy, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones dropping a cultural neutron bomb on the United States. She was that big, may she rest in peace. Whatever you might think of her taste in fashion you must admit that she really started something. If you weren’t there, you might not understand so you’ll just have to trust me. The miniskirt caused a revolution in women’s wear.

Her passing might not mean much, except that I just heard yesterday that Tupperware might be going out of business. So those of us who made it through the 60’s are loosing at least two icons within the space of a couple of days. Which is kinda sad, don’t you think?

I’ll be off to our local bowling alley now, trying to reinforce or maybe recapture a tiny piece of what I used to be. For me, bowling is something from days gone by. Something I didn’t have time for while in the heat of battle for so many years. It’s like an old friend who was still there. Could be a need for tradition. We all need something to fall back on, I suppose.

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  1. This makes me smile —- off to bowling. Hahaha! You mention that the mini skirt caused a revolution in women’s wear – dare I say it caused a revolution for women in general. Oh, those tumultuous 60s – A crazy, tumultuous, marvelous, sexy and terrifying decade. We began to ask questions that people were afraid to pose before, and some of us, like you, kept on asking those questions to get some answers. No one can possibly understand us if they weren’t there for it. I am glad I was there for it!

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