Biden, Putin, Erdogan and Chris Matthews

So Joe Biden is about to meet with Vladimir Putin, the Russian dictator and best buddy to Donald Trump, who was kicked out of the G7 for being a fascist and invading Crimea. However, before he does that, Joe is meeting with Turkey’s “President” Erdogan, who has jailed all or most of his country’s honest judges, scholars and journalists, and who should also be kicked out of the G7, but is still there because he’s easier to deal with as a member than as a non-member, which would only strengthen his alliance with fellow fascist Vladimir Putin.

It should never be forgotten that Donald Trump, showed an outright affinity for Putin, Erdogan, and other dictators who oppose liberty and the freedom of choice that comes with it. I’ve pretty much given up on the Republican base being able to understand any of this.

It was refreshing to see Chris Matthews back as a guest on the Bill Maher show Friday night. Matthews, continues to be one of the best political commentators out there. He never should have been bumped off the air in the first place. Huge mistake/overreaction by MSNBC. Hope someone recognizes this and brings him back. Heterosexual white men aren’t all evil. Some, are just heterosexual white men, who, should they commit a verbal overstep, deserve a second chance following an apology to the “injured” party, even if she did get a story out of it. Making someone feel uncomfortable may be in bad taste, but it’s far from being a felony. At least it should be.

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