You Park Like An A**hole

   Here’s a website designed to give you the ability to do something the next time you see someone who has parked like an a**hole.  You know.  Those self-absorbed, rude ignoramuses that park diagonally, taking up two spaces instead of one.  Or those damnable SUV drivers, who insist upon cramming their giant trucks into spaces marked “compact.”  And the bottom of the barrel, drivers who abuse handicapped parking.  Those guys.

The website is “You park like an a**” (without the asterisks).   It offers printable notices you can leave on the windshields of people who park like a**holes.  One notice just gives the name of the website.  The other, is more detailed.

“Parking is far too limited in our overcrowded streets and parking lots, and you happened to park like an a**hole.  Go to the above website to see why someone else thought you parked like an a**hole. Don’t be too offended, we all do it one time or another — it just so happens you got caught.”

The website also features a photo gallery of “recent asses.”

Ladies and gentlemen, you may begin downloading your notices, now.

( assumes no liability for the outcome of your actions.  Some asses carry guns.  Others, are just plain nuts.)

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