World Cup Pairings – As Clear As Mud


Looking forward to today’s World Cup match pitting the U.S. against Portugal at 2:30PM Pacific on ESPN.   I really need a break from Iran, Iraq, Syria, the Ukraine and the hopelessness of the world at war.

For me, the World Cup stands as proof that we can all come together for an event that is for the most part, peaceful and productive.  I suppose it stands as a  symbol of hope for the world, should we ever evolve past the present point of needing to kill one another because we continue to be too backward to settle our differences in any other manner.  I do though wish the World Cup was just a bit more understandable for us average Americans who are just now getting hooked on soccer, or what the rest of the world calls “Association Football.”

Apparently, if we get past Portugal, we have a pretty good shot at doing….something.  Still don’t understand the way FIFA has this thing set up.  The LA Times tried to explain it in today’s issue by saying, “…those who anticipate the U.S. advancing beyond the group stage can bide their time by checking out the fourth U.S. opponent of the tournament.  Both games involve teams from Group H, whose first-place team will face the second-place team from Group G in the round of 16. The Group G champion will play the Group H runner-up.”

There it is.   Clear as mud.   Sportswriters, announcers and others who already have an expert understanding of the World Cup, need to understand that millions of Americans are still clueless.  Millions of us here in the U.S. are just getting into this thing, and you aren’t making it any easier for soccer (futbol) to catch on.

The World Cup pairings must have been set up by the same nerd who established the BCS.  I’m looking forward to today’s game nonetheless.

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