With Due Regard For North Korea’s “Dear” Departed Leader

It’s being reported that the North Koreans have decided to turn the body of their dear departed leader Kim Jong-il into a display piece.  They’re going to preserve his corpse and put it on display next to the corpse of his dear departed father,  Kim Il-sung.  Just like Roy did with Trigger.  And Norman Bates, with his mother.  It’s understandable, I guess.  It can be hard to let loved ones go.  The whole putting a corpse on display thing though seems a little medieval, doesn’t it?

In another thoroughly progressive move, the country’s leaders are now apparently going to punish those who failed to express sufficient grief during events held to mourn for Kim Jong-il.  One report indicates that some of those deemed to be insufficiently mournful might be sent to re-education camps.  But for what?   Hysteria lessons?

You have to wonder if the people at the top who are directing this governmental cuckoo’s nest, don’t ever look one another in the eye and admit that the entire world thinks they’re a bunch of boobs and that just a little effort, a little redirection of their idiology, would improve the country’s living standard and better secure their hold on power by doing something to actually help people.  Instead, they seem determined to maintain control thorough fear and terrorism.   How long can it last, with thousands upon thousands of people forced to weep, wail and tear their hair for a guy most of them probably couldn’t stand?   And now his cherub-faced son, who looks like he takes a daily milk bath and has probably never done any real work in his life, has been handed the reigns of power.  Come on fellas, you aren’t really fooling anybody.  It’s a house of cards.  Take a lesson from the U.S.S.R.  Look at what happened to them, even with the body of Comrade Lenin carefully preserved and still on display in Red Square.

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