Wilmore Well Worth Watching


I wasn’t always enamored with Stephen Colbert and his “Colbert Report” following Jon Stewart.   But hey, you try and deliver the goods on a talk/comedy show four nights a week.   It ain’t easy.  And Colbert, did pretty well.   Particularly with the desirable younger demographic the advertisers want.   In fact,  you might say he was outstanding,  making him all the more difficult to follow.

I had pretty much made up my mind that whomever they chose to follow Colbert would bomb.  That the shoes he left sitting at Comedy Central’s front door would simply be too big to fill.  Until last night, with the debut of Larry Wilmore. 

His stuff is interesting, smart, funny, informative, alarming, thought provoking and honest.   Brutally honest, which makes it ever so refreshing.  An entertainment/information program that doesn’t insult your intelligence.

Great first show for a country that’s starved for the truth.  If he can keep it going he will more than fill the shoes of the creatively formidable Stephen Colbert, further helping to fill the terrible void created by the demise of American broadcast journalism.

Wilmore’s worth watching.  Check it out.

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