Why We Need Olbermann Back On The Air

 Can’t get my head around the whole Keith Olbermann thing.  Why he made contributions to political candidates when the contract he signed apparently forbids contributions to political campaigns is beyond me.   It’s possible he didn’t read the contract, but I doubt it.   Maybe seeing all the promotion and money Murdoch pumps into the Republican cause, Keith decided to push the envelope?  Maybe he was just stressed out and needed a break?

For whatever reason, it appears he made the contributions and has now been suspended by MSNBC.

From a business point of view the company had to do so something, I suppose.  If they let it slide and others found out they would appear to be ignoring a breach of contact.  That would be bad business.  So they had to do something to let the world know that they don’t treat these things lightly.  On the other hand, they apparently don’t want to lose Olbermann, or they would have fired him.

So, I assume that after a period of suspension, Keith will be back?

I hope that’s the case and here’s why:

(stream of consciousness begins here)

I began life surrounded by Republicans in central Minnesota.  My former home district is Michele Bachmann territory.  I grew up with a gun in one hand, the other on the Bible and John Wayne and Audie Murphy in my heart.  However, Bob Dylan, Veitnam, Daniel Ellsberg, the civil rights movement and the whole 60’s experience turned me into a bell bottom wearing, anti-war, equal rights advocating Hunter Thompson reading liberal.  Eventually liberals became too liberal for me and I became a moderate.  And there I stayed for many years, deciding, along with former President Eisenhower, that when it comes to politics the middle of the road is the best place to be.  Still feel that way, so I still consider myself to be a moderate.

While I stayed the same, the political order changed.

Conservatives (Republicans), kept moving farther to the right, until a select group became “NeoCons.”  By my way of thinking they are actually neo-fascists.  But that’s too horrible for much of the country to contemplate, so the nation is letting them slide, calling them “NeoCons.”   Call them what you will, this scary bunch of people caused an enormous  shift in our political order.  They moved everything to the right.  Problem is, go far enough to the right and you’re a fascist.

So I stayed the same while they changed.  At least I think I stayed the same.  Truth is, they changed me against my will.

Without lifting a finger or attending a protest, millions of moderates were suddenly liberals again.  We woke up one day to find neo-fascist supporters had purchased the nation’s airwaves and launched a disinformation campaign against us, claiming we were out to wreck the country with socialism and were basically the sons and daughters of Satin.   Some of the neo-fascists were comparing moderates (now liberals) to the Nazis, while in fact it was them and not us, buddying up to fascism.  The corker, was the claim that God was on their side.  How clever.  Praise the Lord and send a check for whatever you can to the Bachmann campaign.

The next thing I knew, again without lifting a finger or saying a word, I was suddenly a “Progressive.”  This new classification was in vogue among former moderates who were now liberals, because it sounded better and was an acceptable dodge to the slings and arrows of the neo-fascists who continued blubbering on about the evils of liberalism, the hazards of socialized medicine and Nazis and all.

And so, almost overnight, millions of us were transformed from being moderate, clear-thinking Americans into evil progressives.  Truth is, we didn’t change, the right-wingers did. Some of them are now so far to the right that they’re orbiting Pluto.  A political order that’s tilted that far to the right makes Gerry Ford look like a Visigoth.

It’s frightening to think about how much of the country’s media, and therefore public opinion, is controlled by supporters of the new right.  Those who attempt to push back against it are labeled as un-American, Socialist, or worse yet, as liberals.

There are still a few voices from the left (moderates) on the air.   Olbermann, is (or was) among them.  They are needed to provide a balance in our public discourse as the neo-fascists continue their march toward a stated goal of grabbing all the power for their wealthy New World Order sponsors while much of the country remains in denial about what’s really going on.

When the guys who are doing the bad stuff turn it around to a point where most Americans think the other guys (who are doing the good stuff) are really the bad guys, and what the bad guys are doing as they march toward fascism is in the nation’s best interest – then friends, you’re in one hell of a tangled mess.  And we are.

Since Mr. Olbermann, is among the few who are able to untangle the mess and articulate it in an understandable fashion, it seems all too obvious that we need him back on the air as a counterbalance against the fascist fear-mongering (mushroom clouds!), disinformation disseminating right.

I don’t always agree with him.  He sometimes appears to be a bit full of himself, but we need Keith and his big brain back on the air to push back against the Michele Bachmann’s, Christine O’Donnell’s, Sarah Palin’s, John Boehner’s and Mitch McConnell’s of this world.  Not to mention Rove, Cheney, Wolfowitz and others of their ilk, lurking in the shadows.

Most of all, I demand the right to reclaim my status as an American moderate who refuses to stand silently by while our Democracy is turned into a Plutocracy.  Or any other ocracy.  Can’t do it by myself.

If you don’t understand it, look it up.

(end stream of consciousness)


disclosure: Olbermann and I are former colleagues

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