Why Muslims Don’t Burn The Bible

  Been wondering why, through this whole Quran burning dispute turned spectacle turned tragedy in Afghanistan, I’ve never heard of any Muslims burning a bible?  (Oops.  That’s “Bible,” not “bible.”  Please don’t hate me.)  Did a search and found the following.  Be happy to post any comments from followers of Islam or Islamic scholars.


Jesus Christ and mother Mary are considered holy and highly revered by every Muslim. This is the missing link here. Westerners should know that Islam is not some local cult like Buddhism or Hinduism which i personally respect. It is a universal faith stemming from the same origins of the Judeo-Christian faith which along with Islam are recognized as Abrahamic religions.

This is mainly why Muslims cannot retaliate against burning al Quran by burning any copy of the Bible because Islam decrees that Muslims should respect and honor the Bible and Torah as well.

 And that explains why the Muslims protesters in Afghanistan responded to this shameful incident by burning an effigy of the pastor not by burning a copy of the Bible.” -Dr. Ashraf Ezzat / veteranstoday.com

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