Why All The Fuss About A Rock?

  Am I the only one that’s pretty much had it with the “big rock?”   The 340 ton boulder that’s being moved from a quarry in Riverside County to Los Angeles, where it will be on display at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art?  It’s just a big rock, people.  Whoop de friggin do.  Get over it.   Find somebody who can turn it into another Pieta, and then we’ll have something worth all the attention — all the endless news coverage about moving a boulder.   Who came up with this big idea?  At a cost of $10 million?  What am I missing?

In fairness, we should probably all wait and see the end product, a sculpture to be entitled “Levitated Mass.”  A giant boulder sitting atop steel rails over a trench.  I suppose it could turn out to be something we’ll all want to sit and ponder for hours on end.  It could hold a key to the meaning of life.  It could be big.  I mean, artistically and intellectually so.  If it actually looks like it’s really levitating.  On the other hand, you have to wonder.  Could this be another Sacha Baron Cohen thing?

The artist, Michael Heizer, says his work “isn’t conceptual art, it’s sculpture.”  Sculpture without concept?  I’m not sure I understand, but then I don’t claim to be an artist.  I might, if someone agreed to give me $10 million for putting a big rock up on steel rails over a trench.  I wonder if the backers can get their money back if they don’t like it?   At the very least, it should provide considerable publicity for LACMA.   I’ve gotta admit, I can’t wait to see this thing for myself.  Once it gets here.  I’ll either have to eat my words, or I’ll be overcome with schadenfreude.  Ten million dollars worth.  Until then, the buzz will build, ad nauseam, which could turn out to be the best part of the deal for LACMA.

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