Who’s Doing The )#*%#% Planning At MSNBC?

   Four progressives against one Republican on MSNBC to discuss the returns in New Hampshire?   Four against one?  They have Rev. Al Sharpton, Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnell and big Ed Schultz, teaming up on a lone Republican in the person of Steve Schimidt.  What idiot is putting this stuff together.  I’m progressive in my politics, but this kind of imbalance only provides ammo to the “fair and balanced” opposition.  Come on MSNBC.  You want to be “the place for politics?”  At least make it interesting.  All you need to do to smash these people is to recite the facts.  There’s no need to tilt the table.   Let FOX do that.

One thought on “Who’s Doing The )#*%#% Planning At MSNBC?”

  1. Hey Ron, I hope this finds you in good health. I am more unimpressed with the four name-calling puppets whom you have named. Slick Sharpton, who seems to have trouble paying his own “fair share” in taxes. Rachel Maddow, who appears to be in a sixty minute orgasmic frenzy during her program. Lawrence O’Donnell, whose last original thought may have been something like,”I think I am going to have a bowel movement.” And, big head Ed who should stick a pin into his temple and let some of the air out so we can see his entire head on the screen. Didn’t he begin his career as a conservative radio talk show host? He must have flip-flopped. He must be spineless like those GOP contenders and non-contenders whom he accuses of doing the same. Ron, MSNBC has been tilting the table for years.

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