Who Killed Thanksgiving?


In the eyes of the world, we must be among the most disgusting of nations.   Thanksgiving, a holiday that once had meaning for the country, has been nearly usurped by non-stop football, sandwiched in between “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday!”  Two alleged holiday events created for no reason other than to convince us to run out and buy millions of dollars worth of stuff we really don’t need but think we do, because that’s what we’ve been brainwashed into believing via non-stop marketing on tv.  Some marketing gurus have taken it even further.  Not satisfied with the destruction of a simple weekend, they are calling us out for the frenzy and madness of “Cyber Week!” An entire week of non-stop bargains requiring our ongoing attention online lest we should miss the DEAL OF A LIFETIME!

Overseas, the Greeks are going broke.  They’re nearly flat-busted, while, at the same time, a list of some of the nation’s wealthiest individuals who have sent their money offshore to shelter themselves from taxes, has mysteriously disappeared.  Catalonia, is threatening to succeed from Spain, while the European Union struggles to stay afloat as a legitimate government entity – all matters which we do need to care about children, because we will be impacted if Europe falls down and goes boom.   There’s also that little thing in Egypt, where the future of Democracy is on the line, while peace between Israel and the Palestinians remains on a knife’s edge.

What’s on our minds back here in the good old U.S.A.?  What’s leading the news?

Herds of sheeple pitch their tents at local electronics outlets ensuring their ability to rush into the early-morning aisles before all the discounted flat-screens and newest cell phones are gone.  If there’s time, we then rush home to stuff ourselves with junk food, beer and soda while hollering at tv images of gangs of 300 pound men shortening their lives through self-inflicted concussions by running at one-another at full-speed before butting heads like dumb animals.

In Washington, our esteemed leaders on the Republican side continue blaming our Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, for the attack on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya.  Thing is, Rice, had nothing to do with the attack, nor is she responsible for gathering intelligence on terrorist groups.  Nor is she responsible for security at any of our many consulates.   She is our Ambassador to the United Nations, which is located in New York City.  Okay?  Get that?  All she did was pass along the best information on the attack that she had at her disposal.  Information made available to her by U.S. intelligence.

No?  Okay, let’s go back and take a look at what she said.

“Our current best assessment” Ambassador Rice said, “based on the information that we have at present, is that, in fact, what this began as, it was a spontaneous – not a premeditated – response to what had transpired in Cairo,” she said, making reference to an earlier protest prompted by a film portraying the Prophet Muhammad as a fraud.

She was passing along information that had been cleared by the CIA.  This is important, because failing to get a statement cleared and releasing too much information too soon could get others injured or killed.  Beyond that, she qualified everything she said by clearly stating that it was “Our current best assessment,” clearly implying the assessment might very well change as more information became available.

“Our current best assessment based on the information that we have at present…” 

And yet the Republicans continue to blame her personally  for the attack, or for covering up details of the attack and maybe, before too long, for the sinking of the Lusitania and the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan.  At least one right-wing troglodyte has gone so far as to blame Rice for the resignation of Gen. David Petraeus from the CIA.  They just seem to really hate Susan Rice, a well qualified, deeply experienced Rhodes Scholar.  They seem determined to do and say whatever they must to stop or at least stall her appointment as Secretary of State, for a very, very long time, while the real business of government goes undone.

Once again, Susan Rice……not responsible for security…..did not attack the consulate herself (may not even own a gun or RPG launcher)……provided the information she was given by U.S. intelligence.  Okay?  Not for the Republicans, including John McCain, who really is beginning to look just, well….sad.

McCain and his fellow Republicans, will apparently say anything, no matter how irrelevant, as they continue to promote the much-used technique which teaches that if you tell a lie (or obfuscate) loudly enough and for long enough, then a portion of the population will eventually believe what you’re saying.  To a degree it works, giving more power to Republicans in the House and Senate, as they do all they can to cloud otherwise clear issues, stonewalling forward motion  by those who care more for the nation’s best interest than the financial flatulence of the wealthiest two percent who care only for the game of greed.  Despite the message of the election, despite the political dangers made so obvious by the fascist push by the far-right, despite the message from the polls that America is fed up with this Republican nonsense of blocking progress because it might make the Democrats look good, despite all of this, business as usual continues in D.C., with Republicans acting like the election never happened while millions of Americans grow fat and muddle-brained eating chips and drinking beer as the meaning of Thanksgiving is obliterated by masses who worship at the alter of our new American deity, the need to achieve greater profitability.

3 thoughts on “Who Killed Thanksgiving?”

  1. Americans have become very violent at these “bargain” events too.

    I’m confident the rest of the world views us as lunatics. Not only due to the violence heaped upon one another during these annual “shopping” events, but because of all the political obstruction created by the GOP/TP facists.

    These folks lost the election, and they’re back to their same smoke screen tactics.

    Mitch “the Goose” McConnell made his plans to continue “more of the same obstructionist crap” very clear this morning. He vowed to continue his party’s BS at the expense of getting Americans back to work.

    Hoepfully, the juveniles in the GOP/TP will be run out of Washington during the mid-terms. They are not interested in doing the people’s business at all. And I’m not convinced these folks are finished with worshipping at the throne of Grover Norquist either. Grover has too much access to money, and the greedy bastards in the GOP/TP are hooked on his cash like an junkie addicted to crack.

    The GOP/TP are the real “loafers” receiving hand-outs. These creeps are getting paid and they’re not doing anything to earn their pay. They spend most of their time plotting ways to circumvent the progress of this nation, and in my opinion, that’s treasonous.

    People like GOP governor Rick Perrty wants to drug test people receiving assistance from the government. Well, he should be first in line to be tested. Given his performance during the GOP primary debates, it is very obvious to me that the guy desperately needs an A.A. program. So, let’s stop his cash flow until he takes care of his little drinking problem, shall we?

    Perry is just one representative of the blatant hypocracy of the GOP/TP types claiming they know Jesus. They know nothing about Jesus or governing. But they do know plenty about lying, loafing and pretense.

    My hope; president Obama and the progressives will stand their ground and show these treasonous bastards how to govern, by protecting the middle class at all cost.

    The rich plutocrats don’t need another cent. They’ve stashed billions over the past 12 years.

    The audacity of the CEO’s currently on tour lying about Social Security, and other so-called “entitlements” should be shamed immediately. These CEO’s salaries alone could finance countless number of well paying jobs for Americans in a heart beat.

    I can’t think of one person on the planet who is worth more than a million dollars a year to run a company. If a person can’t live off of a million dollars a year, something is dreadfully wrong with that person. And quite frankly, a million dollars a year is exhorbitant.

    Crazy freaking Americans.

  2. Ron:

    You write, “if you tell a lie (or obfuscate) loudly enough and for long enough, then a portion of the population will eventually believe what you’re saying.” You could also write, “if you broadcast a lie (or obfuscate)….” since it seems, especially in light of this recent election, that Fox and Limbaugh (and the Fox and Limbaugh wanna-bes) all seem to subscribe to the same philosophy. And they’ve managed to find a vocal and loyal audience who define world and political events through this mangled prism. It’s frightening. And those of us in the “mainstream” media have stood mutely by as they’ve continued to smear our vocation and reputation. I think it’s time we found a united way to fight back. Good for your blog….

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