Whispers On The Wind

When a filibuster is no longer a filibuster, when it’s actually a super-majority overriding majority rule, when members of Congress, forced to flee the Capitol building to escape an attack, an attempted coup d’etat, refuse to support a congressional subpoena attempting to hold those who would overthrow the government accountable – when all of that is going on isn’t it time to snap to and call this current Republican Party what it actually is? Nothing but a band of traitors using lies to try and overthrow that which remains of a system which depends upon right-minded patriotic people upholding accepted standards of decent behavior. Traditional Americans who support traditional Americanism. Are there only two decent Republicans left? Don’t all the rest overtly oppose democracy? Isn’t it just that simple?

A couple of weeks ago we went to the Old North Bridge in Concord, Massachusetts, and stood where the first confrontation in force took place between the American colonists and the British military. It’s the kind of place that moves something in your heart, whispers on the wind that make you proud to be an American, a people who become more than a little angry with lies that seek to erase their right to self-determination through legitimate representation. A right this current batch of Republican traitors obviously want no part of, as they continue down the path to Oligarchy, much of our system having been turned into the best government money can buy, driven by deceit and fueled by fear of the other.

Where are the Republicans of Eisenhower and Lincoln? Are there none left who believe that what we have is worth saving? Are there so few left with the patriotic backbone necessary to push back against obvious tyranny?

It’s clearly time to shake off our national delirium and remember what those first Americans, mostly farmers and shopkeepers with muskets, gave their lives for. To establish a country based upon self-determination, not deceit, arrogance and half-truths. They answered the call in 1775 as we are now being called to answer it again, by annihilating this current batch of Republican traitors at the polls in 2022 and 2024. It won’t be enough for us to simply win the elections, we must win with an overwhelming torrent of votes. 2022, must be a crushing defeat for the Republican Party, setting up a second crushing defeat for them in 2024. It’s either that, or surrender our Democracy to Oligarchy.

Those first minutemen knew what many of us seem to have forgotten as we continue to allow ourselves to be divided into factions. That freedom cannot be taken for granted and that we continue to be surrounded by those who would take it away, by those who put party above country and personal profit above the common good. Those who are blinded by unmitigated greed. Those who would deceive us into thinking a filibuster and a super-majority are one and the same and that the attempted coup of January 6th, never really happened. Those who put so much smoke into the air that it’s difficult to breathe much less see anything clearly.

This is as serious as it gets. We could lose it all. We already came closer than many care to admit.

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