Where Your Tax Money Goes…And Goes…And Goes

   Not that any of this matters, but-

A report from the Center for Public Integrity, points to no-bid military contracts tripling over the past ten years.  This is particularly interesting, since George W. Bush (who waffled on his Nat’l Guard service) and former Halliburton CEO, draft dodger and occasional quail hunter, Dick Cheney, took the nation into two highly privatized wars.   For this part, President Obama made a point of complaining about the no-bid contract situation when he was first running for office.  Maybe it slipped his mind?  He sounded so good during the campaign, didn’t he?  What a shame.

Another news item of more than passing interest for most of us is a report out of Germany, showing that those airport scanners that provide TSA security guards with a nude profile of your body, simply do not work.  According to the Germans, the scanners can’t separate out hidden explosives from sweat stains or a fold in fabric.   A 10-month study points to the machines having an accuracy factor below 50%.  In other words, more than half the time they are giving TSA operators a false alarm that travelers may be carrying explosives.   The scanners cost $170 thousand each.   The Germans have decided not to spend the money.  That’s because they were smart and actually “road tested” the machines.  We were stupid and did not.  And now, in addition to the cost of the equipment, the federal government is spending tens of millions of dollars on personnel to use it.  Even though it does not work.  Good luck on your next flight out.

And finally, I just received word from my sister in Massachusetts, that her power has been restored.  My other sister in Vermont, continues struggling with a lack of almost everything, including roads, power and telephone communications.   I turned on one of the network newscasts for an update and they barely touched upon it, saying nothing about the fact that FEMA is running out of money.  If the so-called network “news” can’t provide something resembling comprehensive coverage when we have ongoing major emergencies in multiple states, then what good are they?  They’re a joke.  Might as well just cancel the network news, program another half-witted comedy to bump up the bottom line (which is all the network execs care about, anyway) and we can all get our information from the Internet.  Oh wait…..that’s pretty much what many of us are doing now, isn’t it?  Imagine that…and the networks complain that their news audience is going away?

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