Where Are The Democrats?

In this age of Trump, it’s something every day, so why should today be any different? King Donald is now sending troops (more troops) over to Saudi Arabia (Sunnis) and the United Arab Emirates (Sunnis), to help defend against Houthi rebels (Primarily Shia) in Yemen. Once again, His Majesty is militarily inserting the United States into a 15-hundred year-old holy war perpetuating the insanity of the past 18 years with the absence of anything even roughly resembling a coherent policy to deal with the Middle East and North Africa.

What is our goal? Is there a plan for an end-game or is the U.S. military the world’s new police force courtesy of American taxpayers with no end in sight?

On CNN, military experts expound upon how vulnerable the Saudis are to drone attacks, adding that the U.S. is equally vulnerable so we should all be very afraid. Okay fine, but why ask someone whose career is built around going to war about going to a war we shouldn’t be in at all? A better question would be, “Why not let the Saudis, who are swimming in oil money and who have the third largest military budget in the world, defend themselves?”

“As long as little children were being bombed in Yemen by the Saudis, no one cared. But touch a Saudi oil pump and it’s WW III!” – FB meme

Could it be because King Donald and his royal family have some personal connection to the Saudi Royal Family? Some debt to be paid, such as it were, that might be revealed should we the people finally come into possession of an actual accounting of his business practices over the past many years? Is there some reason we are still talking to a country that stones women, beheads lawbreakers with swords and murdered a journalist working here in the U.S., by some accounts cutting his body into pieces before secreting it out of the country?

Oh wait, it’s the oil, isn’t it? Even though the United States now exports more oil than it imports?

All of that’s more than bad enough, but true to his disgusting fashion, His Majesty is now calling upon the elected leader of another country to intercede in the upcoming election by digging up dirt on one of his opponents. He’s using the Office of the President as leverage and he see’s nothing wrong with it. Nothing at all. He would say that of course, as he’s openly done it before with the Russians, calling upon them to hack into the private email of a former Secretary of State.

Nothing wrong with any of this, right? Of course something’s wrong. An American election is supposed to be held by and for Americans, without interference from outside parties, who hold their and not our best interest at heart. It’s just that simple. Like His Majesty, King Donald. Simple. Like firing public officials because they’re carrying out proper oversight by investigating the King or treating the Attorney General of the United States as his private attorney, his very own Roy Cohen.

I used to think Nancy Pelosi’s “go slow” technique on impeachment was the smart way to go, as it would drag things out into next year, bringing even more of the madness of King Donald out into the open, in closer proximity to the election. But now, the way things are going as his madness seem to be growing by the minute, I’m afraid the slower Pelosi and the Democrats go, the more perilous the situation will become.

He’s not even trying to hide his absolute belief that he has absolute unchecked power. That he’s in charge with no checks and balances coming from the Congress because Republicans in the Senate refuse to fulfill their pledge to protect and defend. He thinks he can get away with anything because they’re letting him do pretty much anything he wants. As with any spoiled child, it’s only going to get worse.

Those who sit by doing nothing while this madness continues are traitors to the country. The danger King Donald poses is real and immediate, and it must be dealt with now by Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in the House. I’ve always feared that Pelosi, or at least her image, was just too weak to lead. Image is important. Look what it’s done for Donald J. Trump. Is Pelosi tough enough to take him on? Does she appear to be? Where the hell is she? The country needs a lion, not a mouse. Those of us who had reservations about bringing Pelosi back as Speaker were told she’s a brilliant tactician and tough as nails. Really? Right now it feels like the Democrats are afraid. Like they’re off somewhere cowering in a corner. In some ways it feels like the party could be headed into 2016 all over again.

At the very least the record must show that we tried, that we did something to fight back, as a spoiled man-child tyrant from New York surrounded himself with sycophants and did all he could to disassemble our institutions and tear down our democracy. Congress must do something to re-establish its power as an equal-partner in government and it must act now, even if that means the House taking the lead with impeachment or possibly the power of the purse, and hoping traitorous Republicans in the Senate can be shamed into doing the right thing.

God only knows what King Donald may be doing at this very moment and where it might take us.

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