What Happened To The Measles?


What happened to the measles threat that was going to sweep across the nation destroying every innocent child in its path? How could something so terrifying be replaced by Hillary Clinton’s email?    Or more recently, Jeb Bush’s email while he was governor of Florida?

This email thing is big.   Must be, considering all the time the media is giving it.

Isn’t the NSA snooping on everything everybody sends out into cyberspace anyway?   Do Hillary and Jeb know they are being monitored by government bureaucrats with bloodshot eyes sitting in corporate cubicles somewhere in Hawaii?    Didn’t they hear about Edward Snowden and Wikileaks?

Personal freedom be damned, they are watching you and keeping copies of everything you send via electronic communication.

It was never supposed to come to this, not in the United States.   We were supposed to be immune to Big Brother.  What the hell happened?

Fear.   That’s what.  The measles.

It’s not that there are no real issues out there.  What about the Ukraine, for God’s sake?   Are we marching towards war with another nuclear armed power?   Is Israel dictating terms to our Congress?   Is representative democracy really dead in America?   Have they really set aside due process on American soil?  Do the Koch  Brothers own us?  Where will California get its water in 2016, and what impact will that have on the country, since the United States gets so much of its produce (81% of its broccoli)  from sunny Cal?    Is Wall Street headed for another crash with the potential for bankrupting world markets?   Will we all end up out on the street begging for a handout to buy a burger and fries from the last thriving business in America,  your local burger restaurant,  here in the junk food capitol of the world?   And while we’re stuffing our faces with fries and washing them down with a giant cup of carbonated sugar water, why do you think so many American kids are suffering from obesity and diabetes?   Do you suppose it has anything to do with the American diet and a lack of exercise?

Oh, but wait.   Forget  about all of that.   We have the measles to worry about.   Or we did, until suddenly it became a non-issue.

I would have said it was “just the measles,” but the news media and some doctors were acting like it was another polio epidemic about to tear across the country, ravaging classrooms and threatening adults who had never been exposed.

Anybody who didn’t buy into the fear factor the media was pushing would probably have received a dressing-down designed to make you feel like an idiot.   Something along the lines of, “Just the measles?   Are you out of your mind!!   Aren’t you listening to what they’re saying on tv?!!  You could go blind!” 

And yet, it is now suddenly gone, and nobody is saying a word.  Like the Bird Flu, terrorist induced smallpox and Y2K.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, between January 1 and March the 13th of this year, 176 Americans contracted the measles.   176 cases in a country with a population of about 320-million.

This lack of perspective about what really matters, will continue so long as fear sells.   Beyond that, when everything is treated like a crisis  we lose the ability to separate out something that may not be all that important from issues that deserve our attention.    And that dear friends, is something to be concerned about because it will not go away with the next 7/24 news cycle on cable tv –  providing a wonderful diversion for Big Brother who will be watching  your every move and listening to your every word.

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