Wall Street Gambling Continues While Republicans Undermine Collective Bargaining

   A couple of troubling indicators on where we may be headed from the morning news.  One, from Reuters, has former MF Global boss, Jon Corzine, testifying to the House Agriculture Committee, that he has no idea where hundreds of millions of dollars in investor’s money went following his firm’s bankruptcy.    This, even though Reuters reports that “Massive bets on European sovereign debt caused markets to lose confidence in the firm.”

It gets even more interesting a bit further in, with a quote from the committee’s top Democrat Collin Peterson, who says, “It appears to me that nobody has learned a thing from what’s gone on here. Wall Street is operating as if 2008 never happened.”

Well, gee.  That could be a problem, couldn’t it?  And a bright guy like former U.S. Senator, Jon Corzine, can’t figure it out?  Golly.  Maybe they should have left the Occupy demonstrators alone?   Well, the cops had a job to do, didn’t they?  They were only doing their duty.  And while they were busing the demonstrators off to jail, Republicans here in California were hard at work undermining the ability of police officers and firefighters to bargain with the City.    Here’s the snippet from the Police Protective League-

 Measure to curb union, corporate clout qualifies
California Republican interests have qualified a ballot measure that would severely curb the political influence of public and private employee unions while depriving Democratic political candidates of a major source of campaign cash. The measure, which bans political contributions through payroll deductions, qualified Tuesday for the November 2012 statewide ballot. With labor’s primary funding source under attack, the measure sets up an expensive campaign season ahead for both sides. –AP   (from LAPPL Newswatch)

While many have been duped into supporting policies that hurt rather than help, our street cops are now being forced to take actions that are contrary to their own best interest.  It’s their duty.

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