“Margin Call” – A Perfect Storm Of Art And Reality

 photo:  workingreporter.com

Went to see the movie “Margin Call” today and I’m giving it eight stars out of ten.  At least.  Great story, great acting and more than that, an education for anyone who still doesn’t understand how raw greed practiced by those who care only for the game of moving money around to make more money and care nothing for the impact their actions have on vast numbers of people or the nation as a whole nearly brought us down in 2008 and continues to impact the country today.

Here in Los Angeles it’s playing a the Laemmle Theaters, not the bigger chains, probably because the big movie houses don’t think the subject will attract the numbers they’re after, particularly with the teen audience they seem to crave.   If so, they’re making the same mistake they made with “Midnight in Paris.”   I have to think that word of mouth will pull in a crowd for “Margin Call,” just as it eventually did for “Paris.”

Reality check:  There’s a place in the world for movies that attract a thinking adult audience.

While we’re on the subject, take a look at the Facebook page for “Bank Transfer Day.”  More than 71,000 people have now signed on to move their accounts out of the banks and into not-for-profit credit unions.  The call is for people to move their money away from the banks before November 5th.  Coupled with the “Occupy” movement, something’s definitely going on.  Apparently Bank of America is listening, as the Bank has announced that it’s dropping a plan to charge $5 a month for using B of A debit cards.  The other major bankers are following suit.  Do they really think that’ll be enough to improve their image while the American middle class continues to be devastated?

While all that’s going on, the feds have stepped up an investigation into the bankrupt brokerage firm, M.F. Global.  A report in the New York Times says that $600 million in customer’s money seems to be missing, according to the Commodity Futures Trading Comission.   The Times reports that the FBI has also joined the inquiry.  M.F. Global was run by Jon S. Corzine, the former Governor of New Jersey and a former top official at Goldman Sachs.   So far, the Times reports, no one “has been accused of any wrongdoing.” 

In Washington, the spineless Democrats on the so-called “Super Committee” have agreed to screw the nation’s elderly by cutting Medicare if only the big bad Republicans and their masters on Wall Street will conceed to a tax increase here and there.  Only they aren’t called them tax increases.  They can’t, because Republicans start foaming at the mouth and become dangerously flatulent at the mention of taxes.  Makes it impossible to try and get anything done.  Consequently, they are now referring to tax hikes as “revenue increases.”  It’s so much nicer, don’t you think?  I bring it up, only because the greed freak Republicans and any number of Democrats as well, answer not to the people of our fair land but to the call of their masters represented by the top 1% (or maybe 5 to 10%) of the wealthiest Americans and the brokers on Wall Street that handle their billions.  Which brings us back to “Margin Call.”  Go see it.  Or at least watch the trailer.  It’s just below-

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