Universal Discontent With Governmental Corruption

  There are what appear to be some interesting parallel developments taking place.

In Russia, Mikhail Gorbachev, is calling for an end to the current system of government that has former KGB chief, Vladimir Putin (and his KGB buddies), clinging to power like a contemporary czar while much of the rest of the world continues to pretend the Russian State is still on track for a new beginning following failed Soviet rule.  Putin, and his party, Mr. Gorbachev says, are taking Russia backwards.

In India, thousands are rising up in protest with complaints of government corruption.   Some are liking it to an Indian version of the “Arab Spring.”   This could be bad.  If the Indians begin demanding a living wage, who’ll staff corporate America’s massive telephone service industry?

Speaking of which, back here on the ranch, the popularity of our esteemed members of congress has hit a new low.   A Gallup Poll shows Congress with a disapproval rating of 84 percent.   84 percent!   That’s can’t be much worse that the popularity rating of former Egyptian strongman, Hosni Mubarak.  The only real difference between Mubarak and many of the members of Congress, is that Mubarak’s on trial for crimes against his country, while the U.S. Congress is free to continue providing cover for the wealthy to bleed the United States dry.  Another difference is that no one is protesting in the streets here in the U.S. (yet), while there are protests in the streets of Egypt, with complaints that the military is moving too slow ito give up the power it’s held onto for decades.

Then we have Syria and Libya, where national strongmen continue to slaughter their own people for having the gall to rise up in indignation, demanding a representative form of government — something everybody seems to want, but also something which feels like it’s increasingly slipping away.  Except for those that can afford to buy it.

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