Undercover Reporter Says Fukushima Crisis Is Far From Over

   A reporter for the Mainichi Daily News, who spent a month undercover with a hidden camera at the Fukushima power station says “absolutely no progress is being made.”   According to Tomohiko Suzuki,much of the work is “for show,” fraught with corporate jealousies and secretiveness and “completely different” from the “all-Japan” cooperative effort being presented by the government.”  Suzuki reports that “there is no concrete data on the state of the reactor cores” and that going to work at the plant is “equivalent to being given an order to die…”

At the same time, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda, is saying technicians now have control of the reactors and that the crisis is over.   That’s quite a difference of opinion.   Who are we to believe?  A government that has understated the crisis almost from the beginning, or a reporter who went undercover inside the plant?

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