TV News: Looking Out For Who?

   A couple of tv stations here in Los Angeles are offering services to help their viewers find the lowest gas prices in their areas.  As a public service, or so it appears.  Truth is, they hope it will drive viewers to their websites, which in turn, will drive up the revenue their websites generate.

Beyond that, think about this – even if you can find a service station that saves you ten cents a gallon, you’ll only be saving $1.60 on 16 gallons of gas.  When a fillup costs $70 to $100, does anybody really care?  A lousy $1.60?  It’s a bad joke.  Particularly since you may have to drive out of your way for those “big savings” at a service station that’s…out of your way.

Can we get real?  How about a little reporting on whether and how an under-regulated oil industry is using geopolitics to gouge the American public?   Why do you suppose oil and gas execs keep pumping all that money into the campaign funds of our elected representatives in D.C.?  How about a little real journalism, as opposed to superficially making it appear as though you actually care about your millions of viewers?

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