Trump’s Approval Drops To 35% – Who Are These People?

Trumpty Dumpty has scheduled a a rare news conference to take place at one eastern.  I am very much concerned that he will be announcing what he and his minions see as the biggest diversion of all, something that will make Russiagate go away forever, possibly involving the war in Syria with Russian complications or war with North Korea with Chinese complications.

Keith Olbermann, and any number of others, have argued that DJT may be certifiably nuts. I’m afraid that may be the case.   He is liable to say anything.  God knows what he might say next.

What if he takes us to war with North Korea (again),  China stays out and we win?  He would be a hero, right?  Americans love a winner, right?   That might seal the deal for a full two terms of Trump.  Like George W. Bush, Trump’s Administration will have been saved by taking the country to war.

Thing is, North Korea is not Iraq and China might not stay out, which opens the door on international chaos, something far worse than if we were able to contain the conflict to the Korean Peninsula.

You have to wonder about the various elements that lead to success. Oh sure, people do just get lucky, like those who win the lottery.   But beyond luck, you have to wonder how so many people who appear to be lacking in smarts are able to acquire vast wealth and power?   Even those who are born into it, like Trump, have to hang onto it somehow.

A former colleague once told me it’s because they are too stupid to realize the odds are monumentally stacked against them, so they blast head-on into high risk situations with no concern for losing.   Or they are just fooling around, thinking there’s no way they can possibly win, and then when they do they get all puffed up with their success.

Could that be Trump?   Too stupid to understand the potential consequences of his actions, and now we are forced to go along for the ride in this road trip to hell?    A new Quinnipiac Poll shows his approval rating falling to just 35%.   Who are these people?

The news conference is at one o’clock.   The world will be watching.   I wonder if he understands what that means?   Or if he thinks that should he screw it up, he’ll be able to fix it with a tweet?


Add:   It was just announced that Steve Bannon has been booted off the National Security Council, and that the Nat’l Intelligence Director and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, will once again be “regular attendees.”   Move in the right direction!  Could it be that with the North Koreans test firing missiles into the sea and Syria gassing its own people, that somebody got in Donald’s face and gave him a hefty dose of reality?   Is it possible the adults are making a comeback in DC?   Probably not.

It’s more probable, based upon past experience, that the Donald is mostly focused on blowing as much smoke as possible to divert our attention away from the fact that so much of his former inner circle was in regular contact with the Russians.   His latest target in a long string of meaningless diversions is President Obama’s National Security Adviser,  Susan Rice.   Mr. Trump has just suggested that she may have broken a law.  Gee, no kidding?   And maybe she didn’t?   But in the meantime we are once again diverted from the investigation into the Russian connection while this president continues to prove himself and by association The United States of America, all of us,  to be without credibility as the FBI continues its investigation into whether the Administration of Donald J. Trump, or Mr. Trump himself, has broken the law.   That’s the real question.   Not something that may or may not have taken place during past administrations.

Okay, the news conference is underway.   Here’s your Trumpian quote for the day, “The world is a mess, and we’re gonna fix it.”  This, from a man who couldn’t live up to his oft-repeated promise to immediately “repeal and replace” Obamacare.   And now he’s gonna fix the world.  Oh my.  He appears to actually believe it.  Somebody call a therapist.


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