Trump Must Go And Republicans Must Take The Lead

It’s all very clear now.    After his Attorney General lied to a congressional committee followed by a fabricated felony leveled against a former president, neither the Donald nor any member of his cabinet has any credibility left, undermining the presidency, the nation and the Republican Party, which, if you’d forgotten, is currently the party in charge.

This is bigger than Obamacare or immigration.   Bigger than the travel ban or who can use which bathroom.  This is baseline national survival stuff.   This president is making things up as he goes along, like facts and even words, and he does it “bigly.”

Our house is on fire people, and we have got to stop being diverted by arguments over whether it’s serious enough to call out the fire department.

As quickly as possible, the Republicans, because they are in charge and unless they want to lose the House in 18 and maybe their party forever, have got to appoint a special prosecutor, who can then subpoena Trump’s tax records.   Trump, with only a fuzzy memory of Watergate, will then declare his taxes to be off-limits by virtue of executive privilege.   From there it will get kicked into the federal court system where the Supremes will eventually deadlock four to four, kicking it back to the lower court and Trump will resign rather than turn over his records showing God knows what.   Whatever it is, he obviously doesn’t want us to see it or he would have turned them over months ago.

Donald J. Trump, will then leave the White House, or maybe have to be sedated and carried out in a straight-jacket, with loud protestations from the Russians, right-wing talk radio, White Nationalist websites and scattered elements in the deep south.

And that will be that.   No more Trump.   No more feeling like we’re all trapped on a runaway train with Vladimir Putin at the controls.  We will be able to sleep peacefully again.

Come on, Republicans.   It won’t be easy, admitting your party did this to the country, but it will be better than doing nothing and maybe losing your party and possibly the nation (and your souls) in the process.   If you do the right thing and have Trump removed by legal means, you will at least be able to say you acted like statesmen and women of the party of Lincoln instead of a bunch of political hacks, which, by any sane thought process, has to be the better alternative.

This President, has signaled out a black reporter at a press conference demanding that she should set up a meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus.  This is nuts.   Reporters don’t arrange meetings for the President of the United States.  He has staff people that do that.   I guess Trump assumed that because the reporter was black that she must run around setting up meetings for other blacks because they are all black?  This President has also demanded that Congress must investigate whether former President Obama ordered the wiretapping of his phones in Trump Tower.  This is also crazy.   Totally nuts.   All he has to do is pick up the phone and call the intelligence agencies and ask if they have any evidence that it happened.   He’s the Commander in Chief.  Maybe he doesn’t know?  Or maybe he’s suffering from some pathology?  Maybe he thinks he needs a black reporter to do it for him?

Even now,  Donald Trump appears to be morphing into some kind of bizarre Nixonesque persona,  living within a private reality he molds to suit his moment to moment needs while spotting enemies around every corner and lashing out with tweets.   Like Nixon,  Trump may turn out to be his own worst enemy.

Please get moving now.  There is a bad craziness loose in the land and tomorrow it could be too late.   Thank you.

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