HBO Hits A Bullseye With “Too Big to Fail”

   Just watched “Too Big to Fail” on HBO, and I recommend it.    Although each and every word may not be 100% factually accurate, the acting is outstanding, and the film is nothing short of a public service for thousands of Americans who have a vague feeling they’ve been ripped off, but aren’t sure exactly how it was done.   “Too Big to Fail” provides an education.  If there is a God, it will also result in an outcry for the prosecution of those who were heading criminal banking enterprises that nearly wrecked the economy — and continue to threaten to do so.

This is not a country of, by and for the bankers, who threaten to destroy our economy if we don’t give them exactly what they want.  It’s a country of, by and for the people, and we need to take it back.  Indictments would be an excellent place to start.

It isn’t like there aren’t enough lawyers in Washington to make it happen.   If they can take the time to go after John Edwards for the alleged misuse of campaign funding, they can also go after banking enterprises which may very well be in violation of criminal law and are surely far more egregious than anything Mr. Edwards might or might not have done.   Edwards, is penny-ante.  The ongoing banking scandal represents a threat to our national security that’s arguably potentially more dangerous than anything the Al Qaeda might dream up.

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  1. Ron: I saw TOO BIG TO FAIL yesterday on HBO and I thought it was great. Kinda tough to follow in parts. In the movie, Paulson was the hero; I always thought he was a bad guy.

    Kindest regards,
    Dick Rosengarten

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