To Kill A Mockingbird – RIP – 1960/2015


Mike Hammer, disgraced by drug charges.   Clark Kent, quits the Daily Planet in disgust over the declining state of Journalism.    Batman, is shamelessly turned into a psycho-sexual nutjob by Hollywood.   O.J. Simpson, is charged with the double slasher-murders of Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ron Goldman.  Pete Rose gets booted from baseball in a gambling scandal.   Olympian Michael Phelps is caught smoking grass. Revelations that FDR was just a dirty old man in a wheel chair while Ike fooled around overseas and JFK was in a class all by himself, apparently, except maybe for Bubba Clinton, but who really knows?  Have you read or seen “Primary Colors?”

Everybody’s on performance enhancing drugs, including our favorite all-American boy,  Lance Armstrong.   At the same time, Michael Jackson was doing sleepovers with young house guests at Neverland, dear old Cliff Huxtable,  stands accused of drugging and then raping more than 30 women.   And then came “deflategate,”  ad nauseam.

Through it all we still had Atticus Finch, and he was rock solid.  If there was one book that impacted my young life, it was “To Kill a Mockingbird.,” and damn it, I needed Atticus Finch to remain unsullied.   But woe is me, the money-grubbing dirt-digging cynics have brought him down too, even though Harper Lee apparently had no intention of publishing “Go Set A Watchman,” which (I have read) puts my former hero and role model Atticus Finch,  in the KKK.   There is speculation that Harper Lee, would have opposed the publication, were she physically and mentally able to do so.   I don’t know, but I like to think that’s the case.

I could care less about those who try and justify the publication of “Watchman” by saying it gives us invaluable insight into the writing process,  how an author can take an idea in another direction in the developmental scheme of things, blah, blah, blah.   If that’s what you want then take a writing class.  I needed Atticus Finch to be left alone.

When all our heroes, both real and fictitious, have been laid low, what will be left to make us feel as though goodness and decency have a chance?  Who will be left for kids to look up to and model themselves after now that we’ve been told Atticus Finch was in the Klan?  Think societal role models don’t matter?    Don’t kid yourself, kiddo.  They do.

I am now bracing myself for revelations that the cowboy heroes of my youth were secretly into beastiality.

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  1. I totally agree with you on this one, 100%!!! No need to add anything. “To Kill a Mockingbird” was the first movie I ever saw, taken to it at about 10 or 11 yrs old at the time, and didn’t understand much of what I was experiencing, but it had an impact! I was very sullen and depressed after the movie for about two weeks. I’ll never forget it , and its powerful message. Good essay, Ron. Thanks.

  2. Well I have to agree. I have been slammed recently for even suggesting that maybe our “hero” should upset us when he shoots somebody in the head or solves it all with his gun. My suggestion that we should combat gun violence with our remote was ridiculed.
    The reaction in the south over African American deaths was to flash the confederate flag on Facebook hundreds of times in a supposed discussion. I is, indeed all about heroes. Some other yahoo sees all of that and……..thinks that guy in Charleston was some kind of hero and does the same crime.
    We do need Atticus in the south right now. The other day a pickup truck drove by me with big flags in the back, one rebel, one U.S.
    It is about our heroes and the messages they send to the young and mentally ill especially. Thank you for this article.

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