Unemployed, College Educated White Men Are….Toast?

   Zowie.  My copy of Newsweek just arrived, and on the cover-

“THE BEACHED WHITE MALE — He Had a Big Job, a Big Office, a Big Bonus.  Now He’s All Washed Up and Doesn’t Have a Freakin Prayer.”

Amazing how the truth jumps up off the page and hits you in the face.     If she keeps this up, Tina Brown just might put Newsweek back in the black.  I know, I know, it’s a long shot , but she might.

Here’s a taste.

“Brock Johnson, of Philadelphia, was groomed at Harvard Business School and McKinsey & Co., and was so sure of his marketability that he resigned in 2009 as CEO of a Fortune 500 company without a new job in hand. Johnson, who asked that his real name not be used, was certain his BlackBerry would be buzzing off its holster with better offers. At 48, he’s still unemployed.” – Rick Marin and Tony Dokoupil in Newsweek  

The piece features a poll of 250 unemployed and underemployed men.   Most are married, white and middle class. Men who, as the magazine puts it, suffer from “the gnawing fear that this may be the beginning of a slow, shaming crawl to early Social Security.”

Newsweek reports that following the recession of 2007, the number of unemployed professional white men more than doubled to something over 1.3 million.

Finally, someone is admitting that there are problems out there for white men, too.  Even though they happen to be white and male and once had it all.  Not only is the world no longer their oyster, many now, aren’t even allowed near the water.

What condition is the country in if it can’t offer some type of suitable employment to more than 1.3 million experienced, college educated men?   It’s been argued by some that we’re in a depression and not a recession.  It would seem that at the very least, we qualify for a state of denial.

Oh, I’m sorry.  I forgot. White men aren’t allowed to complain, are they?  Somehow, it’s just not PC.  That’s just the way it is when you’re “all washed up” and without a “freakin prayer.”  Or as the magazine puts it, ‘Once college educated workers hit 45, notes a post on the professional finance blog Calculated Risk, “if they lose their jobs, they’re toast.”‘

Ya really think anybody’s gonna care?   Think again.  After all, it took a woman editor-in-chief to bring this story to the fore.  If a white male editor had approved the story, he probably would have risked being broadly ridiculed.  Tina Brown, on the other hand, just might get Newsweek back in the black.

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