Time To Go

   Did I hear it right?  Did I just hear that 18 Afghan soldiers have been arrested in connection with a suicide bombing plot?  18?  Aren’t these guys supposed to be on our side?  Think it’s time to get out of Afghanistan?  Do ya think it’s time to go despite all the money the Military Industrial Establishment (the 1% at the top) is making on this war?  Is a little more analysis on this by the major media too much to expect?  Might we possibly use these billions of dollars on something here at home?  Something like….healthcare and police and fire protection for our own?  Fixing our roads and bridges and improving our schools and making a college education affordable?

Perhaps most distressing is the fact that the once mighty CBS Evening News spent only seconds on this story before moving onto something with more emotional punch and therefore theoretically more value per their bottom line via the ratings.  Never mind the now seemingly non-existent issue of public service and how that relates to the number of our people who continue to serve and die in Afghanistan.  It isn’t as though CBS can’t afford to increase the size of its staff to add depth to their news product when CEO Leslie Moonves, was paid $26.4 million in 2011 and is expected to be compensated $129.93 million over the next 5 years.   If they’re dumping that much money on their CEO, there should be plenty to spread around for something as important as news coverage?

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