Time To Give Mr. Obama A Little Credit


It’s nice to have a bit of good news now and then, and that’s what we’ve just received from President Obama, who tells us the U.S. effort to rescue Yezidi Kurds trapped on a mountaintop by the ISIS army, has been a success.   The American military air-dropped food and water to the refugees, while American fighter jets paved a way for them to escape down the mountain.  News accounts (European news sources)  indicate that the CIA, France, Germany and England, will now be supplying the Kurds with both humanitarian and military aid so that they can try and deal with the ISIS fighters themselves.  Germany says, “It will not stand by while people are being slaughtered.”  Score another point  for the President, for bringing in American allies to assist in the effort, rather than trying to go it alone.

So we saved some people.  And we did it without sending in ground troops.  Chalk one up for the U.S. and Obama.  Chalk up one more, in that the President has apparently helped engineer the removal of Nouri al-Maliki as PM of Iraq, possibly opening the door for a coalition Shia/Sunni and possibly Kurdish government, to push back against the ISIS army, again without the necessity of the United States sending combat troops back into Iraq.

In Israel and Gaza, the shooting has stopped.  I have no idea to what degree the White House may have had an impact on this, but the United States is not without influence in the region and the two sides are at least talking once again.  Another good thing.

And finally, kudos to Mr. Obama, for his statement on the standoff between police and demonstrators in Jefferson, Missouri.  His words and leadership undoubtedly helped promote a peaceful settlement to what was a very bad situation.  It appears Mr. Obama teamed up with Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, to tamp down the fires of anger and mistrust in a divided community badly in need of civic resolution.

I disagree with Mr. Obama on any number of issues, but this time I feel he deserves credit for successfully juggling both geopolitical and domestic concerns, and making it all work.  And all while he was on “vacation,” where he was forced to make nicey, nicey with Hillary Clinton, who decided to open her 2016 campaign for president with a little back-stabbing by attacking Obama’s Syria policy, which once again, as with the Kurds and the Iraqis in general,  kept the United States from becoming entangled in yet another ground war.  Not sure what Hillary has to complain about?  Benghazi, maybe?   Suppose that next she’ll be blaming President Obama for that?

Truthout Headline:  “Congress Takes Summer Break From Doing Nothing For Years”

Actually, on balance, Mr. Obama’s done pretty well for a President who is up against a Republican House that’s determined to let the nation fall into ruin before they’ll agree to even one piece of legislation that’s good for America, because it might give the appearance that something was accomplished during the administration of Barack Obama, who most of these Republican troglodytes refuse to even refer to as “the President,” or “Mr. Obama,” or God forbid, “President Obama.”  No, they simply call him “Obama,” or a “liar” or “that one.”  Nobody was that disrespectful to the intellectually challenged George W. Bush, who told us, “I have a different vision of leadership.  A leadership is someone who brings people together.”  Good for you, Dubya.  Good for you.   You probably thought long and hard over that one.

We always referred to him as “President Bush,” or “Mr. Bush,” even after he got into the White House by stealing two elections.  But Dubya, is white, and Mr. Obama, is black.   Stop pretending race isn’t a factor in American politics.  An “intellectually lazy” but likable fellow from Texas, who was busted for cocaine use and who skipped out on his National Guard duty even while it kept him away from the Vietnam War vs. an intellectually superior Harvard educated lawyer, and the right-wing talk-radio set has more respect for the dummy.  Makes sense I guess, as he’s the guy they’d identify with, but it doesn’t bode well for the nation’s future.

I do hope Mr. Obama enjoys what’s left of his vacation.  This time I really feel for the guy.  He’s getting things done in spite of the do-nothing Republican House, and it shows.  And he’s taking fewer vacation days than his predecessor.   If you’re keeping score, as of 8-22-14, Mr. Obama had taken 138 days vacation.  At this same point in his administration, George W. Bush had taken 407. 

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