Time For The U.S. Media To Get Up Off Its Dead Corporate Ass

It really is time for the American press to get up off its dead ass and report on what’s happening around the world.   It’s time to end the denial.  This didn’t start with “Occupy Wall Street,” as one poorly informed young “anchor” starlett on CNN has reported.   It began in Iceland and Greece and with the “Indignados” in Spain where the European press is reporting that an entire “generation has been ground down by global finance.”  Do you think the same generational problem could exist here in the U.S.?  Do you think at all?   Apparently no one at KNBC-TV is doing much thinking.  They gave the international protests, including rioting in Rome all of 20 seconds on what passes for their 11PM “news.”  What a joke.  The protest goes global, and they treat it like a near non-event.   Is it too much to expect them to actually do some journalism, a bit of real reporting?  Have they forgotten how to do news, or have they been ordered not to do it?  Nothing much is at stake here.  Just the survival of our democracy.

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