Time For The Democrats To Retool


I know this isn’t going to happen right now, but it could and should happen eventually, so stay with me and dream a little.

It’s time to retool the Democratic Party.

They lost their strongest voice with the death of Ted Kennedy, the  “Lion of the Senate.”   They still had Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer,  both of whom were terrific political in-fighters, until Weiner tweeted his weenie and  Spitzer was nailed by the New York Times for patronizing a call girl operation.   Without Kennedy, Weiner and Spitzer, the Dems were left without any really skilled counter-punchers except for Barbara Mikulski.    The longest serving woman in the history of the U.S. Congress,  Senator Mikulski is smart, articulate and willing to take on a fight.  I don’t know why they don’t put her out front more often but they don’t.

Instead, they’ve been running around like a bunch of timid little church mice, appearing to be afraid of their own shadows when confronted by John  Boehner and  Mitch McConnell, neither of whom is all that scary unless you have a thing about people who are unnaturally orange or maybe a turtle phobia.

Moving Elizabeth Warren into a leadership position in the Senate was a good idea, but it’s not enough.   It’s time for whispering Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, to go.

Reid,  is beholding to his NRA base back in Nevada, and Nancy Pelosi comes across as being way too nice and pretty and smiley to bust anybody’s chops about anything.   The Dems need to shed their weak-kneed image.   They need to do something bold.    They need a couple of ringers like Elizabeth Warren leading the Senate and Al Franken leading the House.    Both are tough, intelligent and highly articulate.   Franken, would be perfect because he’s a former comedian and nearly all of what the Republicans are now doing is a joke.  Most importantly, both would present a new image to American voters.   Warren, a former Harvard Law School Professor,  is just plain brilliant but able to speak in a language we can all understand.

Current DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz seems like a very nice, conciliatory person, which makes you wonder if she’s nasty enough to get down in the mud and slug it out with this current gang of Neocon-inspired  Ayn Rand following free-trade crazies running the Republican Party?   Also,  progressives can’t help but be concerned about the party’s lack of support for President Obama, with Wasserman Schultz at the helm.

Come on Democratic Party, what you’ve been doing hasn’t worked.  As they say here in Hollywood, “Image is more important than reality,” and you guys have a huge image problem.  This is largely a video game and you need to put your strongest populist personalities out front,  like the Republicans did with Ronald Reagan.   Except that with Warren and Franken, they’d be really, really smart, as well as camera-friendly.

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