Thousands Protest In Iran

A massive civil uprising continues in Iran with some news and pictures getting out despite the efforts of that country’s theocracy to shut down communications.   Websites that oppose Iran’s recent and highly disputed presidential election are reporting that police have opened fire and goon squads of Basij Militia have gone on the attack with thousands of people flooding the streets and at least 4 and possibly as many as 9 dead.  The New York Times reports “the protests, taking place on the holiday marking the death of Shiite Islam’s holiest martyr, were the bloodiest — and among the largest — since the uprisings that followed Iran’s disputed presidential election last June, with hundreds of thousands of people thronging Tehran alone, witnesses said. There were reports of hundreds of injured people and numerous arrests.”     Click here for a story from the BBC with video of what appear to be Basij motorcycles on fire.   Click on the image below for some recent video from YouTube-

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