There Is Still Real TV News Out There

   So I’m watching the news on the Euronews Channel.  I pay a couple of extra dollars each month to watch it but think it’s worth the price as it’s a place you can go to still get actual news on television as opposed to the retail pablum being served up here in the U.S.   It’s a panel discussion, with European ministers talking about the new “green” global economy.

And what are they complaining about?

Their concern is with the hypocrisy of their own European companies that claim to favor a greener economy, while at the same time, they donate money to the campaigns of American politicians who are against the U.S. going green.

What bothers me, is that the Europeans seem far more informed and open about what’s going on and  a whole lot more upset than we are with the ability their corporate culture now has to control the United States with campaign donations.  At the same time much of the U.S., apparently, continues to be clueless.

Foreign corporations surreptitiously pumping money into the campaigns of American politicians who oppose what many believe to be the business of the future.  Americans should be going nuts over the issue.  Instead, the roar of the silence is deafening.

It was also painfully obvious that the level of the conversation the Europeans were having was so much more…..well….intelligent and focused than anything offered by the political “pros” here in the U.S. who can’t seem to do anything other than bicker, back bite, bitch and lie while they continue to increase their personal wealth at our expense.

It feels like the American mass media is either intentionally trying to maintain a level of ignorance, or is just unable or afraid to go after the real issues confronting the country because it would mean exposing the very same corporations that issue their paychecks.

The Euronews Channel is available on the Dish Network.   Others may offer it as well.  I’m not sure.

I feel compelled to leave you with the trademark “sig-out” of Edward R. Murrow-

“Good night, and good luck.”

God knows, we’re gonna need it.

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