The Truth About Barack Obama

   We”re about to find out where President Obama’s head is really at.  Where his loyaties really lie.  If he turns his back on the unions in Wisconsin and refuses to take a stand against the Koch brothers and the Republican push to destroy unionism in America, which will mean his campaign promises to American workers were nothing but lies,  then Mr. Obama will be political toast in the eyes not only of liberals but of moderates who continue to do battle against the destruction of the American middle class as the nation’s wealth continues to be shifted away from the middle and up to the uber-wealthy at the top of the economic food chain.

Come on Barack, it’s time to step up, buddy.  Don’t turn your back on all those millions of Americans who believed in you.

Here’s a clip from, showing Mr. Obama’s pledge in 07, to put on a comfortable pair of shoes and walk the picket line to support worker’s rights to collective bargaining.

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