People Or Profits? Mr. Obama Can’t Have It Both Ways


President Obama is in Camden, New Jersey, promoting community policing.   He’s talking about the need to reform the criminal justice system, particularly with our current “drug culture,” and massive numbers of Americans, (disproportionately  back men), doing time in prison.   He’s also going to cut the supply of military equipment going  to the police as he touts the need to build trust between American communities and their police departments.     He also wants more young people to be able to go to college.

That’s all great.   But he said nothing about the cause.   He said nothing about job creation, about people being able to get a good paying job and funneling more money into education and after-school programs and housing.   About how you keep families from breaking apart.  About keeping kids off the street.

Politicians create the problems.   The police are then sent out to deal with the mess when what the politicians have done or failed to do,  falls apart.    Sure there are bad cops, but mostly there are cops trying to clean up the mess bad government has created by favoring the rich.

Mr. Obama, really shouldn’t complain about problems that have been caused by the off-shoring of good paying jobs here in the U.S., while he also supports his new “TPP” trade deal.   An international deal, made in secret, which Senator Elizabeth Warren, Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, Senator Bernie Sanders and many others believe, based upon what they’ve seen and the impact of NAFTA and CAFTA,  will ultimately benefit the multi-nationals and Wall Streeters, far more than average Americans on Main Street.

Sure we need a better relationship between the police and their communities.   Of course we want more kids to be able to afford college.  Yes, more needs to be done about the scourge of drugs.  It’s also wonderful to help little old ladies cross the street and to say one’s prayers before going beddie-bye.

Job creation?  Increased funding for education to the point that college is affordable or even free?   Encouraging a job market that provides enough pay for one head of the household to support an entire family?  What’s that got to do with it?

Remember the words of the song,  “If you ain’t got nothin’, you ain’t got nothin’ to lose?” 

Perhaps we won’t have to equip our police to look like the First Infantry Division,  if we can just deal with root causes like underfunded education and the lack of good paying jobs while the rich fail to pay their fair share  for the nation’s financial needs while hiding their money in off-shore accounts.

Isn’t it interesting that the wealthy seem to have no problem when paying for the military, only for the state of our civilization here at home?   Could that be why our police are becoming increasingly militarized?

And so our President stands in front of an audience in Camden, expressing his concern for problems created largely by the lack of good paying jobs and a healthy, all inclusive economy, while, at the same time, he supports creating a more favorable business climate for multi-national corporations who have already expressed their disregard for the American people by off-shoring millions of jobs.

The American People or the TPP?  Mr. Obama, can’t have it both ways.

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