The Pathetic Democratic Party


Once again it happens.   Although this time it’s an outrage nearly beyond belief, worse than calling the President of the United States a “liar” during the State of the Union Address.   Or suggesting he was born in Kenya.   Or that he eats Christian babies.  This time, no fewer than 47 Republican senators have flirted with treason and were at the very least seditious in their attempt to derail the ongoing nuclear negotiations with Iran by sending a letter to the Iranians  informing them that any deal they might cut with the Obama Administration would be of questionable value at best, and probably useless at worst.

What the Republicans have done is bad enough.   The absence of a significant response from the Democrats, Mr. Obama’s own party, is even worse.

Once again, the Democrats are letting the Republican Party give them the political bitch-slapping of their lives without a decent response.  Where is the DNC Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz?   She and the democratic leaders in the the House and Senate should be furious.   They should be calling all their people together for a press conference on the steps of the Capitol, to call out the Republicans for what some are saying is treason.    If that’s too strong for the mousey Dems, they could at least hold up this morning’s edition of the NY Daily News, which calls out the 47 Republicans for being “Traitors.”

Come on Democrats.  Where are your spines?   Do you enjoy being kicked around like this?    It’s been going on for more than six years now.   Will you ever have the courage to start fighting back?   How long will you let this meaningless blather about Hillary Clinton’s email dominate the political landscape?   Like not one Republican has ever used a private email account for official business?   Of course they have.

What are you all afraid of?   Why do you keep acting like you’re the three little pigs and John Boehner is the big bad wolf?   Surely you can’t ALL have been bought off and shut down?

Or is the Obama White House telling the Dems to stand down, possibly because they’re afraid a big fight over this will only make the US look all the more divided?  As if the Iranians aren’t already aware of that big fat factor following Bibi Netanyahu’s speech to the Congress.

Whatever their thinking might be,  it once again leaves the Democratic Party appearing to be timid, weak and just plain pathetic, as Hillary’s email account continues bouncing back again and again on the 7/24 cable news cycle with almost no one other than Clinton herself having the courage to stand up and fight back against this tempest in a teapot issue.

The Dems needed to start fighting back years ago.   If they had,  we might not be stuck with a Republican majority in both houses now.  Ted Kennedy, has got to be spinning in his grave.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, here’s one last thought.

At this point in the negotiations with Iran, a huge blowout between the Democrats and the Republicans might be enough to derail a deal.   A deal that might eventually prevent war with Iran, which seems to be what so many Republicans desire.

So, as unhappy as some of us might currently be with the lack of a Democratic response,  they are, nevertheless, a better option than the Republican Neo-feudalists, so at this point in time, playing the passivity card might be a good call.

Gotta go now, it’s being reported that the AP has filed a lawsuit to gain access to State Department records as the Hillary Clinton email scandal grows.

47 senators may have committed sedition, but why worry about that?  We’ve got Hillary’s email to worry about.

Whoops, wait a minute, here’s Barbara Boxer, and she’s fighting back.  Raising questions about whether any Republicans have ever used private email for government business.  Good for her!  Finally.   “It’s all politics” she says, and she’s right.   I’m beginning to wish Boxer would run for another term.

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