The News? What News?

  It’s now 6:06 PM, Sunday.  Turned on the Channel 7 News at 6, in an attempt to get some local “news.”  The first four stories all involved police.   Nothing in my area.  All basically meaningless.  By story number 5, they finally got away from the daily police blotter fed to them by the City News Service.  Covering the cops is cheap and easy, so they like it a lot.  Little or no real news value, but very cost effective.   Story number 5, was a piece about the Dodgers.  I’m not a baseball fan, so I could care less.  Although, it would be nice if the uber-wealthy McCourts (people most of us can’t begin to identify with) work out their marital problems.  Or maybe Channel 7 and the other local stations might approach this story for what it really is.  An expose’ on the fallacy of professional sports having any loyalty to anything other than the bottom line.   How long since Al Davis has been in town?  Maybe he’ll be the team’s next owner?

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