“The Kennedys” On Reelz Is A Real Snoozer

   Started watching “The Kennedys” on the Reelz Channel last night.   The first installment in the 8-part series was a huge disappointment.   There was just nothing there to hold my attention.  Maybe because I wasn’t seeing anything new and what I was seeing felt lukewarm instead of hot?  Except for brief flashes of intensity, it feels like the actors never really “got into” their parts?  There’s also the problem of not being able to watch more than a few minutes of the production without being interrupted by a promo for upcoming installments.   I mean, there you are, trying to get into this thing only to be blasted by another promo every few minutes.  It gave me the feeling that the folks at Reelz, are scared to death the series won’t be able to hold an audience.  They could be right.

Could also have something to do with the fact that it’s all been done before and with greater intensity, although Greg Kinnear’s resemblance to JFK is at times, remarkable.

Maybe the series will improve as it moves forward?  Hope so, although after what I saw last night, I don’t much feel like staying with it.  Might have been better if they’d cut to the chase and started off with the Cuban missile crisis?  Cut it down to a 6-parter?  Yawn….


Went back for part three on the second night (first two parts aired on the first night) and instead found they were re-running part two.  A bit confusing (and disappointing, cause I wanted to see the next part).  Went back a day later and was able to watch part three.   Didn’t see anything that would change my opinion.  Part three confirmed my feeling that they would have been better off  eliminating the first two parts and starting the thing with the Cuban missile crisis.

Beyond that, except for Tom Wilkinson (Joe Kennedy, Sr.) and Diana Hardcastle (Rose Kennedy) the production still feels lukewarm – as if the actors were being held back – like thoroughbreds who weren’t allowed to stretch their legs and really run.

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