The Kardashians – Why?

   I heard earlier from some excited young thing on tv, a real sweetie with fab hair and makeup, that the Kardashian  couple, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, are splitting up following a $17 million wedding?   OH NO!  God help us!  I don’t follow these things but it’s on the “news,” so it must be important.  I imagine national security is somehow involved?

I last saw Bob Kardashian at Emilio’s Trattoria in Encino.   He saw me and nodded hello as he passed by.  That was fine by me.  The guy spooked me out after he went over to O.J.’s house to pick up Simpson’s golf bag containing who knows what and then suddenly renewed his license to practice law in California, so that he would qualify as a member of Simpson’s legal team,  bringing in attorney-client privilege and making it next to impossible for Marcia Clark to call him to the stand for questioning about what the hell was really going on with the golf bag.  And any number of other things.   According to one source “it had been more than 20 years since Kardashian had practiced law” so his value to the “Dream Team” was dubious, at best.  You get the idea.  Anyway, Bob Kardashian died shortly after  I saw him at Emilio’s, and his daughters remain an amazing example of how the O.J. murder trial turned people with no visible talent and no track record at doing anything into media stars.  It’s bizarre.

Wait a minute.  KABC-TV, just announced that it was only a paltry $10 million wedding.  $17 million?  $10 million?  Who ya gonna believe?  For that matter, why does anybody give a damn?

How impossibly screwed up have our priorities become? Oooooo,  sorry I asked that.  Kind of redundant in a society where professional sports, beer and growing fat on junk food are more important than the fact that half the kids going to our big city public schools won’t graduate, 60% of the people living in the suburbs of Cleveland are below the poverty line and our democratic underpinnings are threatened by corporate takeover.

Priorities.  Who needs um?  We’ve got “celebrities” like the Kardashians and Paris Hilton to lead us out of the abyss.  It’s news, after all.

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