The Iron Lady And The Pillow Guy

So the U.K.’s new PM, is turning out to be just as ditsy as so many Brits said she was, as, without warning, she came out with a plan to cut taxes to her richest constituents, paying for it by borrowing and putting the burden of replaying the debt on all the regular folk lower down on the economic ladder. A tax cut is one thing, but Liz, wanted to eliminate an entire tax bracket for the richest of the rich and then get the poor folks to pay for it. Oh my. Moreover, she did it without the support of her own party. Even a novice politico would have seen this as an impossible move in a proportionally representative system, but not Liz Truss, who reportedly sees herself as the next Maggie Thatcher.

With the weight of both public opinion and her very own party crashing down upon her stiff upper lip, Truss, abruptly did what the Brits kindly call a “u-turn,” and forgot about it. Leaders in her party are now, according to reports, trying to figure out how to get rid of her as quickly as possible, before she is able to attempt any more buffoonery. It appears to be Boris Johnson times ten.

Politics-watchers, are waiting to see which of Truss’s colleagues will be forced to fall on their sword to save the PM, who once, while doing a speech about British exports, inexplicably touted the dangers of importing too much cheese, which she called a “disgrace.”

Apparently, she doesn’t think the Brits deserve a bit of cheese now and then.

If you can’t find humor in any of that, then consider the “Pillow Guy,” good old Mike Lindell, in the spotlight again, this time before the Supreme Court of the United States, where his appeal to throw out a $1.3 billion defamation suit filed by U.S. Dominion, the company that manufacturers voting machines, has been denied. This of course, is all tied up in Lindell’s belief that the election was stolen from his buddy, DJT.

Can’t wait to see what the late night talk show hosts do with Lindell and what SNL does with Liz Truss. Ms. Truss in particular. It’s just too big an opportunity to pass on while they wait for her next big move as she attempts to become the UK’s next “Iron Lady.” There is no comparison of course, since Maggie Thatcher was capable of salient thought and Truss seems to be a legend in her own mind.

What was it Dr. Thompson said about American politics? Words to the effect of, “What do you want? You already live in the land of the weird.” Something like that. Not only was he right, but his analysis can now be expanded to include the U.K., which seems to be in a race to outpace anything the U.S. has been able to come up with.

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