The Flaw In Their (my) Thinking


And so it begins, the same old fear-laced argument for and against gun ownership, with the pro-gun lobby arguing there is no need for a ban on the sale of assault weapons, because a former ban, which ended in 2004, had no impact.  The argument is bogus.  Those who pose it have no way of knowing how many tragedies were prevented by the prior ban, because there is no way to tell how many unstable or otherwise dangerous people were prevented from buying assault weapons when the ban was in place.  Easy access to weapons, is easy access to weapons, period.  When your local discount big-box store is selling military-style 223 mm and NATO 5.56x 45mm rifles with 30-shot clips, you’ve got easy access.   The 5.56x 45mm caliber, is the same caliber rifle currently being issued to U.S. troops.  .223 weapons were initially issued to U.S. troops in Vietnam in the form of “M-16” rifles.

So why do we need these weapons with the potential of having military assault capability?  That’s on one side.  On the other, is unarmed Jews, being attacked by Nazi supporters during what has come to be known as “Kristallnacht”  in 1938.   Would they have put up a fight, had they been armed?  I’m pretty sure they would have.  Would it have mattered?  Maybe.  There is also, for me, the haunting memory of a Chinese national woman at a demonstration on Wilshire Boulevard years ago, looking at me with tears streaming down her cheeks during the abomination in Tiananmen Square in 1989, saying, “Whatever you do, don’t give up your guns.”

“Never again,” continues to resonate.

We must protect children and other innocents.  There is a better way.   I’m just not sure what it is.

2 thoughts on “The Flaw In Their (my) Thinking”

  1. In addition to the welcome new discussion on gun control, it is encouraging to hear a discussion about a total review of the mental health system. The concept of treating people with mental and emotional problems. Over the years, as I’ve read the background stories on people like Mr. Lanza, I’ve come to learn that are almost always symptoms and warning signs, but until the person’s conduct rises to a point of committing a crime there is little if anything that can be done. This can be, and has to – change.

  2. AHOY RON,
    Thanks for weighing in on the assault weapons ban. I firmly believe we should have
    the right to bear arms!! The only reason I can see for bearing assault weapons is
    to kill masses of people (not Deer)–and the only reason I can see for NEEDING
    assault weapons is if the people HAVE TO defend themselves from our OWN
    Government—the one that GIVES assault weapons to Mexico!! Something is really
    wrong at the Government level.
    No matter what laws are passed–the bad guys will always be able to get these weapons!! SO WILL THE UNSTABLE PEOPLE, some of whom were let out of mental
    facilities during/because of the Regan administration. I hope we never need assualt weapons–like the spare tire, maybe we should have them JUST IN CASE!

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