The Far Right’s Keeping It Simple, Stupid

   The emotional issues of God, the unholy Socialist threat and gynecology, continue to serve the far right in distracting the nation from the somewhat more difficult to understand collapse of American Capitalism, leading to the devastation of the middle class, 50 million Americans who are still without health insurance, the cost of education (particularly a college education), continuing to climb to ridiculous levels, the case for “too big to fail,” banks being too big to exist and the relative evils of privatization, pertaining particularly to the huge profitability of waging war.  In other words, a new direction that was introduced to us all years ago by President George H.W. Bush, as the “New World Order.”

How’s that working out for you?  But let’s get back on track with the more important issues of God, Socialism and gynecology.

We have freedom of religion bolstered by the separation of church and state.   Worship as you choose.  That takes care of the God issue.   There are at least 40 or 50 degrees of Socialism.  Including non-Marxist Socialism.  Most people who think it’s bad, don’t know what it is or that it’s already a part of our system.   We have a so-called “mixed economy,” combining elements of Socialism with Capitalism.  We already have it, in the form of our military, police and fire departments, public schools and universities, public libraries, the postal service, the Centers for Disease Control, our departments of water and power and transportation, etc.  It seemed to be working pretty well for us until Ronald Reagan began the destruction of American unionism and the devastation of the middle class, followed by the big George W. Bush push for privatization, apparently per the right wing vision of the New World Order.  I say “apparently,” because when something no longer works, they claim it wasn’t really their idea.  Gynecology, which I’m fairly sure wasn’t their idea, had been pretty much worked out (with the exception of a few states with legislatures that think we are still in the 1930’s) before the God-fearing far right decided to launch a new assault on women.

Is this as chaotic as it seems or is someone in the background thinking it through?  Carefully crafting an end-run as a massive diversion designed to protect wealthy supporters from being forced to deal with the more difficult problem of wealth being siphoned off from the middle and held at the top as jobs are off-shored and the rich continue enjoying big tax breaks?  Can’t have all the little people getting all worked up about that, can we?  Could mean trouble for our off-shore accounts.

God, gynecology and Socialism are so much easier to understand.  More exciting, too.   Particularly if you don’t understand Socialism and think all those who support a dual-economy combining Socialism with Capitalism are Communists.  Dirty Commies!  Now there’s something we can all get behind.  Of course the right’s game plan of playing to the Republican base will cost them the support of untold numbers of moderates of both sexes and women voters in particular.  Meaning, what?   Are they just that stupid, or do they really believe what they’re saying, in which case they really think they can win by exposing an unbelievably backward political philosophy to the entire nation?

Or maybe none of this matters, because once the superficial anger and lathered-up loathing stops, Mitt Romney will emerge from the God-fearing, woman-hating, Socialist and Commie-fighting pack, looking like the only Republican candidate with a platform that even approaches being reasonable enough to attract a sufficient amount of support to give him a shot at the Presidency?

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  1. You said it all in the end Ron…and just a few hours ago he unveiled his latest tax proposal that insures that the “rich” will be paying at least as much or more than they do now… when do they don the top hats and canes?

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