The End Of The Imperial Trump Presidency

President Trump’s firing of FBI Director, Jim Comey, signals the beginning of the end for the presidency of Donald J. Trump.

It confirms the belief that Trump and his Administration are willing to do almost anything to hinder the FBI investigation into “Russiagate,”  leading to the obvious conclusion that the Administration has been colluding with elements of the Russian Government.   Beyond that, Trump and Jeff Sessions are obviously using Dep. Attorney General Rod Rosenstein as a foil with regard to Sessions having to recuse himself from the Russiagate investigation.

An independent commission and special prosecutor need to be named as soon as possible to take this entire matter out of the hands of the politicians who are proving themselves incapable of handling this situation.   Trump will now nominate what Jeffrey Toobin so correctly labeled as a “stooge” to assume the role vacated by James Comey at the Bureau.  The FBI will no longer be able to carry this investigation forward with any credibility.

The White House, in the person of Donald   J. Trump,  has fired James Comey for something he said ten months ago.   This makes no sense except as an indication as to how desperate Trump is to make the FBI investigation into Russiagate go away.

It’s also possible that Donald J. Trump, the President of the United States and therefore the most powerful person in the world, has no ability to reason things through, but only to watch television and react on a moments notice with either satisfaction or extreme anger, lashing out with caustic and sometimes inane tweets or now a letter of termination.

It was another desperate move by a desperate demagogue who had already fired Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, immediately after she alerted the White House that National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, was in a position whereby he could be blackmailed by the Russians.  A demagogue who had just announced that he is sending more troops into Afghanistan.  Why?  Because he thinks we can do what the UK and the Russians could not do?  Or because ramping up a losing effort in Afghanistan would be a wonderful diversion from his Administration’s ties to the Russians after similar efforts against Kim Jong-un on the Korean Peninsula and with sending fifty-nine cruise missiles to bomb an abandoned air base in Syria had failed.

Come on.  Wake up America.  We’re being conned by someone whose actions appear at times to be beyond the reach of reason.   The result is not what’s best for America.   The result is chaos.

Chris Matthews calls what happened, “A little whiff of fascism.”  Possibly.  Or maybe something more.


2 thoughts on “The End Of The Imperial Trump Presidency”

  1. I totally agree. He is acting more and more like Nixon did as the end was obvious. He and the people in the Russia orbit are acting more and more guilty and desperate by the day. It is a sad and frightening time for the U.S. and for the world. He is making some desperate decisions right now and it is obvious to everyone who is not still dumbstruck in love with him.

  2. Sadly, what you have written is true. This incident should speak loudly to every American, no matter their party preferences for it goes beyond politics. Anyone who does not see the threat to the foundation of democracy that this represents, does not appreciate what it is to be an American. Unfortunately, too many will not see this for what it truly represents, a move toward dictatorship.

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