The Blast From Mass

So the people of Massachusetts have chosen Mr. Brown over Martha Coakley.    They have chosen a man who has pledged to vote against health care reform.

A study out of Wisconsin, indicates a jump of 83% in the cost of family health insurance premiums by 2016 if there is no reform.   The Congressional Budget Office forecasts that nationally, premiums will jump 70% by 2018 without reform.

And the people of Massachusetts, the state that gave us Teddy Kennedy,  have just voted against health care reform?  Oh wait, silly me, Massachusetts already has a health care plan for its residents.   Why should they care about the rest of the country?   Let the folks in Wisconsin and California go broke paying for health care, so long as everything is fine back in Massachusetts.  Never mind that they have just shot down the Democrats “supermajority” in the Senate, which means the Republicans will now be able to filibuster every progressive move the Democrats try to make, including legislation that might increase the number of new jobs rather than backing the multi-national corporations with their millions in campaign contributions (bribes) and continued outsourcing.  No, far better to go with the “party of no” and maintain the status quo.   The horror…..the horror……

Note to Mr. Obama:  The time has come to summon up the ghost of FDR, sir.  It’s time to grab Wall Street and its corporate wonks by the throat.   This attempt at getting along with everybody isn’t working.  The Republicans don’t want to get along.  They want to destroy you and your party.   They just might destroy the country in the process by eliminating the middle class.  Either start fighting back and make those changes you promised, or risk forfeiting the upcoming election.  John McCain says he wants to bring back the Glass Steagall Act.  Call his bluff and back his move.  And make a lot of noise about it.

The following from “Calbuzz” may be informative for Sen. Barbara Boxer and her fellow Democratic incumbents-

“While no one expects U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer to make the kind of rookie, dumbass, arrogant mistakes that Massachusetts Attorney Gen. Martha Coakley made (she’d better not suggest, for example, that Willie Mays played for the Dodgers)*, the election of Republican state legislator Scott Brown in a true-blue state like Massachusetts, suggests that anyone who looks or smells like an incumbent could be in trouble in 2010.”  -Calbuzz

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