The Big Sellout On Capitol Hill


And so it has happened.   The spending bill containing provisions that will allow the wealthy to increase campaign contributions ten-fold and undo protections against another financial meltdown by once again allowing bankers to gamble with the taxpayer’s money has passed the House and Senate, but not because of the Republicans.

No, it passed because of support from the White House and the Democratic Party.   It got 57 yes votes from turncoat Democrats in the House.   Only six in the Senate,  Elizabeth Warren, Sherrod Brown, Al Franken, Joe Manchin, Claire McCaskill and Independent Bernie Sanders of Vermont, voted against ending debate which would have prevented the bill from coming up for a vote.   So it passed and now goes to the President.  Mr. Obama has said he intends to sign it.  Meaning what?

It means the game is essentially over.    From the Fundraiser in Chief on down, they sold us out for promises of campaign financing still to come from JP Morgan, Citigroup and the rest of the Wall Streeters.

There should now be no doubt that Wall Street owns the White House and most of the Congress, which has given the nation’s bankers a green light to propel us into another financial crisis which, experts say,  could require another taxpayer bailout.

What else could it possibly mean?   That Mr. Obama continues on with his infamous and ludicrous belief that he can cut a deal with the Republicans?  After being kicked around for six years,  can he possibly continue to be that naive, or has he been playing us for suckers all along?

I now think it’s the latter.   We’ve definitely been played for suckers.

Just days after he finally came out swinging on climate change, Internet neutrality and immigration, just as he was finally beginning to look like the progressive force for hope he once promised to be, he became someone else.   A political schizophrenic, doing an absolute about-face, siding with the few on Wall Street against the many of  Main Street.    Who is this guy?

Obama is a bust.   For us Progressives, he’s the betrayer-in-Chief, just another cog in the Bush, Clinton Wall Street machine.

He’s king of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement,  doing all he can to drive another nail in the coffin of American workers by sending even more jobs to China and Vietnam – doing everything he can to keep Wall Street happy, so the fat paychecks keep coming in, funding the campaigns of both parties to beat back members of Congress like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, who are still trying to represent the majority rather than the wealthy minority on the Street.   It’s big-time bribery from the bankers to maintain the status quo and require another taxpayer bailout if they again lose their shirts gambling on risky bets.

Oh sure, there’s the Affordable Care Act, which sent even more money to the insurance industry by forcing Americans to pay for private insurance coverage which is probably unconstitutional.   Absent a public option, it certainly has nothing to do with being a free people.  Thanks so much, Mr. Obama.

But oh, you say!  This is the President who pushed for releasing the CIA torture report!   The same man who signed an executive order on immigration!  Don’t be fooled.   He was doing the old one-eighty spin, putting up another smokescreen while the real issue of Wall Street’s government takeover continued moving forward.

They own us.  And so much of the media just doesn’t seem to get it.

How sad.

I had such high hopes for this President.  I was holding onto a thread of hope that we might recover our democracy.   I’m no longer sure that’s possible as passage of this most recent funding bill will leave little doubt that our government is available for sale to the highest bidders.

The thought that we still have anything resembling a representative democracy in America is increasingly illusory.

We are no longer a truly free people.   The bankers, billionaires and millionaires now dictate the course of the nation.   They will continue laying a course for the laws of the land that will be used to control, coerce and craft our lives, based not upon our informed consent, but upon the desire of a relative few to dominate the many.

Turning this around will require a political revolution.  A political uprising that will reclaim America for the many by beating back the madness of the Reagan Revolution and restoring the New Deal thinking and populist standards of FDR.

Perhaps Elizabeth Warren will be able to show us the way?   It’s being said she has the potential for being the next Teddy Roosevelt, our next big “trust buster.”  Or is that expecting too much of any one person?   Yes, it is.  We will all need to put our shoulders to the wheel on this one.

I have doubts the will exists to get it done.   At least not right now.   Not with Christmas nearly here.    And by the time Congress returns to Washington, this will all be nearly forgotten.  Most of the American people couldn’t understand what was happening anyway.    They haven’t had time.  They’ve been way too busy working two or three jobs, flipping burgers, cleaning toilets and working as security guards to put food on their tables and pay the next health insurance bill.

(This piece was updated on 12-14, following the Senate vote.)

2 thoughts on “The Big Sellout On Capitol Hill”

  1. You are 100 % correct Rondo.

    In fact, I’ve been saying all of these things for the past five or six years (even on your posts). So, none of this B.S. is news to me.

    Regarding Mr. Obama, naive, yes. Schitzo absolutely…

    The prez is so tied to Wall St. and the banking industry it isn’t funny.

    I truly understand why Eric Holder is leaving.

    Holder is not resigning because he is tired. He’s resigning because he is tired of Obama restraining him from doing his job effectively.

    Holder wanted to vigorously pursue the rogues on Wall St. and the “too big to jail bankers,” but president Obama said, no.

    Holder wanted to vigorously defend maintaining the Civil Rights gains purchased with precious blood, and Obama held him back.

    I’m not holding on to any more threads Ron. I’m convinced our goose is cooked.

    Elizabeth Warren totally understands the shenanigans by the creeps in the financial industry, yet no one listened to her…

    The Dems are a bunch of yellow bellied sapsuckers for actually going along with the GOP/TP on this vote for the future “financial meltdown part two.”

    The very least the prez could do is veto this additional bite at the apple by the financial industry.

    The oligarchs are batting a thousand, and the president has a big, fat, zero…

    Hold on to your behinds folks, because this is only a “preview of coming attractions.”

    We are in for one hell of a ride…

  2. Hi,
    I am not surprised that Obama (if that’s his real name, he has so many) has said no to prosecuting banksers. When will the so-called journalists of the world catch up with the ‘ordinary’ people of the world, and, admit that the current inbcumbent in the White House take his order from, and, owes his staus to, the Silent Secret Crew behind the FED and in the Bilderberg Group, and so it has been since 1913. Can it really be true that these people behind the FED etc who appoint the Bushes and Obamas think we are all dumber than dumb outside of their manisons —time for them to wake up!!—time also for the so-called journalists to wake up! oh, and by the way, we have’t forgoitten the slight of hand poppy fields in Afghanistan…is the FED’s CIA imoporting that stuff to distribute it among American children… are ther troops left behind there doing the job of looking after some gangster in the FED’S poppy fields?

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