The Backstory On The Lady In Purple

Here’s the backstory on the lady in purple who rushed in to hog the mic from Roger Ross Williams at the Academy Awards.

“Elinor Burkett, the redhead who seemingly flew in from the eaves clad in a purple Snuggie, had pulled out as producer of Roger’s short doc Music by Prudence over creative differences last year. After nominations were announced, however, she changed her mind about being associated with it.” -Laurie Pike / Los Angeles Magazine

If you need more, there are interviews with Williams and Burkett in

Along with many others, all I could think of as I watched Burkett charge the microphone, was the Kanye West incident at the MTV Awards.   I couldn’t help but wonder what’s happened to what used to be a common standard for politeness in our society as opposed to the utter disrespect so many people now show for one another.  Particularly with people of considerable achievement.   These people are supposedly near the top rung of our societal ladder.  When something like this happens it makes us all look like buffoons.

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